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Prominent Fortifications in the Campaign

Fortification Name Type
Appolled Keep
Arazarm Keep Keep
Azal'Lan Keep Keep
Azal'Lan Tower (Mysterious Tower) Tower
Barad Dumon Tower
Barad Eth'el Tower
the foreign tower
Barad Nelle Tower
Barad Nindari Tower
tower of the nymph
Barad Nindari Tower
tower of the nymph
Barad Otornassë Tower
tower of the brotherhood
Barad Umbarto Tower
Fated tower
Bellport Citadel Citadel
Bestiens Tower
Blazebane Kep
Blemuton Tower Tower
A small stone watch tower overlooking the Blemuton pasture
Bloodcrystal Tower
Cadmil Citadel Citadel
Cardum Tower Watch Tower
Castle Ascension
Castle Blemu Castle
This edifice lies in the Blemu hills which is a vassal state to Nyrond (I2-59)
Castle Egremont
Chokestone Keep
Darkmoor Castle Castle
Darzog Hold Hold
The ruins of a small hold are all the reamin of the Darzog clan holdings
Dephar Castle Castle
Dour Pentress
Ferrendar Keep Keep
Fort Bredivan Keep
Fortified Manor Tower
A ruined fortified manor. The tower remains servicable
Frungefeld Tower Tower
Greenkeep Castle Castle
Griffwatch Castle
Heatherdown Castle Castle
Highkeep Castle Castle
High Pentress
Illsford Tower Watch Tower
Johnsport Bay North Tower & Lighthouse Tower
A tall lighthouse with a large ballista and small catapult on top doubles as a crude harbor defense,
Johnsport Bay South Tower Tower
A tall lighthouse with a large ballista and small catapult on top doubles as a crude harbor defense,
Johnsport Citadel Citadel
Small citadel overlooking the harbor
Johnsport Keep Keep
Original wooden keep now remade in stone
Karsk Keep Keep
Kazhull Keep Keep
A dwarven keep overlooks the mountains
Kurast's Tower Tower
Little Harp Keep Keep
Logeth Tower Tower
The remnants of a scorched and crumbled tower stand here looking out across the hills.
Magic Users Guildhall Tower of Knurl Tower
Magistars Grove Tower
Maure Castle
Midlands Castle Castle
Military shipyard and docks Tower
Millennium Kep
Mistwatch Tower
Murklake Castle Castle
Mysterious Tower Tower
Na-Katun Keep Keep
Northern Lights
Oleg Keep Keep
Onyxgate Keep
Pelleur Keep Keep
Pilgrim's Gate
Ratikhill Citadel Castle
Ru-Narg Keep
An old dwarven hold now overrun and held by the humanoids who use it to launch attacks into the remaining Dwarven cities in the lower Rakers and as a slaver market for any humans rounded up in their raids soutth into the plains of Bone March and Flinty Hills.
Ruusk Keep Keep
Schukendale Keep
Sharpwall Keep
Shining White Keep
Spinecastle Castle
Yejin Hold
A small but stoutly built keep stands near the village of Yejin. A few tattered pennants still fly from Its battlements.

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