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Prominent Non Player Characters (NPC) found throughout the campaign.

Name Title Typical location
Alain Baron Spinecastle
Artagok High Priest of Clannagadin Kazel
Murdered by Zalxis'Yarlak (Devil)
Balor Wandering Minstrel Knurl
Clothed in hues of blue and grey, with a shock of bright blonde hair, and hazel eyes that look at you with a mix of intense curiosity. A flute never far from his hand he talks and moves rhythmically.
Talkative, curious, but with a keen eye for faces. Works as a spy and spotter for a group of Rhenne thieves who work this area.
Boris Dregkar Marshall of the Armies of the March Knurl
Tall, handsome, with cropped blue black colored hair wearing 1/2 plate mail decorated with the crest of Knurl
Prone to caution can be pushed to making rash moves if the advisors around him convince him to.
Ceril Longstock Tavern Keeper [[]]
Ruddy nosed midle aged man who smells of ale hops. Has a secret keg of "Durins Tears" from before the Dwarves abandoned their hold.
Clement Marquis Spinecastle
Cormac Defender of Demoray Demoray
He is small but fit, with reddish hair, sparkling green brown eyes, and a tanned skin. He is attired in well maintained woodland garb of drab browns, greens, and greys that blend perfectly with the colors of the bog he lives in..
Darmouth Captain of Darmouths Raiders Ivae Orr
Slender, clad in well kept but worn and sun faded green and brown clothing allowing him to easily blend into the wildland foliage.
Diesku Baron Glandeven
Dorf Halle Brewmaster Sorgen
Dorf Halle runs Sorgen brewery and leads the town guard.
Dunstan Count Knurl
Scheming and ruthless
Duriel Bard of Gatford Harford
Wears faded remnants of a once flamboyant outfit, hums and sings to himself.
Cheerful and a trickster
Eddard Dunthmore Baron Oleg Keep
Richely dressed, his deep madder orange cloak has a fur collar that frames a handsome but aged face. He sports a waxed goatee, long since out of fashion in this region, and his eyes blaze with intense ambition.
Ellison Grey Eye Barkeep [[]]
He is tall but stoutly built, with one grey eye (the other is green) and usually dressed in a fine linen shirt. He has a fine singing voice but in these dark days seldom breaks out in a joyful song.
Erferil Captain of the Red Company Demoray
A deeply red cloaked human with strong sinuey hands, quick eyes, and one hand always always resting upon a broadsword hanging loosely by his side.
Evaleigh Arch Baroness of Ratik Marner
Buxom, blonde, and beautiful.
Frieda Darzog Clan Lady Darzog Hold
Wife of Wallard Darzog
Gart'Nag Demoray
Gart'Nag is a stoic, tall, dark haired of noble stock from Spinecastle. His grey eyes seem to take everything in while revealing nothing of the thoughts within.
Gastiona Lod Bandit Kingpin Spinecastle
An unscrupulous woman who will trade anything or anyone for the right price.
“Betting against Lod” is a local term for extremely poor odds.
Grbleck spy Spinecastle
Grenell Herzog of North Province Eastfair
Grenvar Mage Demoray
A sickly green robed human, bedecked in vials and wizards implements his hollow eye sockets hide small coal like pupils, almost translucent flesh barely seems to cover his bones.
Grisla The mad maiden Combe
A young girl, filthy, bedraggled, with wild eyes looks to you for assistance to find her mother.
Schizoid. Talks to herself and to her "mother" who cant be seen. (Her mother was murdered by Orcs and she found the body under the chicken coop)
Grolsh Sargent Knurl
Gunfred Knight of the Vale Ivae Orr
Covered by an dirty elven cloak with the hint of sword pommel and short bow over his back indicates his warrior status.
Ivid Overking / The Undying Rauxess
Josil Long Arm Chieftan of the Serpent Clan [[]]
Clad in deep red scaled armor, Josil moves like a snake.
Kargen Priest of Hextor Knurl
A middle aged Oredian with short cropped blonde hair and bright green eyes that seem to flicker from within. He wears long black robes with a silver embroidered skull in the center worn over ancient banded mail.
Kellor Gundar Major of Kellors combined companies [[]]
Bold, garish, and loud - Kellor leads a group of mercenary companies known for its brutality.
Easily agitated and quick to fight
Kornast Initiate of the 6th Circle Combe
Middle aged, dark earthen toned pants made from deerskin, with a light woolen shirt, and a heavy grey brown cloak. Darting but inquisitive eyes.
Avoids town wherever possible. Inquisitive and likes to smoke pipe weed for long hours while thinking deep thoughts about natures events.
Kruger Darzog Darzog Clan Lord Knurl
Lean and muscular covered with tattoos and baring the scars of many battles, missing his right eye which has been replaced with a fire gem that glows with a red dull light. He talks haltingly and in a low growl and tends to glare with his left eye at people.
He is brash but not to the point of being hot headed and tends to lean in during conversations which intimidates those he speaks with.

For the perceptive: He favors his left side due to his eye and may have trouble parrying attacks on his right.

Lamruil Pawnshop Owner Kazel
Middle aged and well dressed in a grey and blue velvet vest with a wiry frame
Witty and somewhat snarky, shrewd when it comes to making money
Lannor Ranger Knight Ivae Orr
Lanuhel Sargent of the South Warden Ivae Orr
Drab brown cloak over elven chain.
Logeth Lord Logeth Hold
Grizzled old dwarven lord
Lómë Queen of the Ivae Orr Ivae Orr
Maia Wainright Princess Wainright Hall
Daughter of Malcom Wainright
Malcom Wainright Clanlord Wainright Hall
Tall and sinewy barbarian.Former Clan Lord of Clan Wainright clan killed when he assisted the party
Merogak Speaker to the Chiefs Spinecastle
Mina Tavern Keeper Demoray
A human woman, stoutly built with ruddy cheeks and a motherly if somewhat stern demeanor. She wears a greasy apron and a heavy iron key ring is tied about her waist.
Morfic Mage [[]]
Quick smile, darting eye, wearing outlandish green and blue robes with two ioun stones circling his head.
Narla Darzog 2nd Daughter Darzog Hold
Nestriel South Warden Ivae Orr
A drab green cloak drapes over glints of elvish mail. Steel blue eyes look upon you with a measured gaze.
A woman of little words
Norak Cragbuckle Barkeep - Owner of the Burnt Drow Kazel
Ruddy nosed and smelling fairly of whisky, Norak is almost a stereotypical Dwarf except for his jovial banter with the patrons in his bar
Jovial with a good ear for stories and rumors
Nord Haldane Horka
An older man, his long hair crudely shorn, wearing a well worn earthen toned cloak over an equally drab archaic looking set of homespun clothing
Og' Chur Priest of Hextor Knurl
Rencliff Ferrymen Sorgen
A human man, tall and seemingly aged before his time. He exudes a great sadness, but you can see fire in his eyes. He’s wearing heavy linen clothing common to fishermen and there’s a distinct smell of fish and sweat about him.
He lives alone since his wife died of grief after the children were abducted and taken to the abbey. He’s taken to bouts of depression and then fits of rage.
Runge Darzog 1st Son Darzog Hold
Sindra Darzog 1st Daughter Darzog Hold
Sordord Coppershield Kazel Outpost Garrison Master of Arms Kazel
Clean shaven head with tattoos and a blood red goatee neatly trimmed, dark piercing eyes, wearing old but serviceable banded mail.
Stirkirk Cliffstrider Captain of Burtons Irregulars Demoray
Stirkirk is a grizzled war veteran and captain of "Burtons Irregulars" a motley but excellent mercenary company of renown for its unorthodox tactics. Stirkirk made a name for himself crawling down Goblin tunnels but it left him mentally scarred (PTSD). He is never seen without a mug of some stout beer or small keg in one hand and usually an ax in the other. He hails from a hold in the Southern Rakers and has fought in wars for over a century across Bone March.
Loyal, generous, and as long as he's got drink a great carouser. Favors taking aggressive (suicidal in some cases) actions in combat, will not ask for quarter nor usually give any.
Stivol Lancing Captain of the City Watch Knurl
Surlimor Nolordin Elven King of the Ivae Orr Forrest Ivae Orr
Shorter and stouter than most of his kind with his hair cut short but bearing no major age marks that denote his 250-300+ year old age. He exudes a great sadness in his bright green eyes, but there is clearly a fire inside. He normally favors natural woven and plain clothes with just enough flair to denote his stature. There is a distinct smell of the forrest about him.
Personality: Skeptical especially of humans (more so Oredian than the nature loving Flan)

For the perceptive: He has been tortured and his body shakes subtly

Vellendric Baron [[]]
Tall, robed in a heavy woolen cloak, with a commanding presence.
Velor Lord Demoray - Azal'Lans tower
A once ruggedly handsome face is now gaunt with age, his red eyes flicker oddly, a heavy burgundy cloak drapes over ancient golden banded mail that conceal a faded crest emblazoned upon it. (Bolters - Medium Horse Regiment) He seemingly radiates power that alternately washes over you like a wave of warm water followed by a sense of deep malaise.
Driven, air of sad nobility
Wallard Darzog Clan Lord Darzog Hold
Wyrnan Korch High Secretary of Hextor Spinecastle
Yulanni Priestess of Osybus Demoray
Pale skinned with deep blue/green eyes, perhaps willowy in form if not for the faded tabbard hanging loosely over chainmail armor. A stout mace of ancient looking design is slung over her back, she appears to be a well seasoned adventurer and regards you cautiously.
Cautious, moves like a cat even in armor. Ignores the party and will attempt to avoid engaging them.
Zelmar Tavern of the West Wind owner Blemuton
Deep purple robes adorned with silver trim set off a road worn, tired, but amicable face with a short laugh.
Normally quiet but since taking ownership of the West Wind has become more outgoing.

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