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Player Contributors:

The story couldn't be told without the creative input from the following players. Many of which I've lost touch with over the years but who have left a legacy in the form of binders full of characters (living and dead), game notes, artwork, maps, plot hooks, etc and most importanly great memories. Thank you all for your contributions!

Robert Albin, Mark Ashbaker, Jean Biggs, Jay Fisher, Chuck Frees, Steven Glasglow, Mary Green, Albert Hayat, Paul Henry, Dean Hinrichs, Jerry Huckins, Dan Johnson, Mark Johnson, Phillip Klohr, Arnold Loftis, Daniel MacGibbon, David Meese, Daniel Miller, Michael Polito, Bryan Roy, Patrick Smith, Steven Strauss, Pamela Wardrip

Additional Credits & Disclaimers

First off thanks to Gary Gygax and the original team at Tactical Studies Rules (TSR) for creating D&D. A special thanks goes to the all the Greyhawk online community sites and their contributors who provide addition inspiration over the years.

Primary sources for this story are the AD&D 1st and 2nd edition series of adventures, The World of Greyhawk Folio & Box Set, Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, Ivid the Undying, and the Greyhawk Adventures hardcover, The Living Greyhawk Journals, and conversations with Gary Holian of Canonfire and the other Greyhawk fans on that site who shared advice and feedback. Anna B Meyer and her awesome maps of Greyhawk. Additional location and story arc concepts are adapted from the first edition of Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) Middle Earth Role Playing Adventures (aka MERP). A special thanks goes out to JRR Tolkien and his estate for making his works available.

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The use of this material is not intended to challenge the rights of any of the copyright holders. This document is fan content and presented solely for the personal use of those individuals who game within the Bone March campaign Greyhawk Setting.