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Ivae Orr - Elvish for the Light Wood or Edzar Kona in Orcish


The Ivae Orr is all that remains of a much larger forest that used to cover the northern portion of the this long forgotten Oredian barony of Toormah. Toormah’s was never a very populous region, its villages were generally small, composed of mostly farmers of Flannish descent and without any major defensive works. A few larger towns of notable size dotted the northern and southern extents where border trade with the Dwarves of the Rakers or Oredians was brisk. These cites were really little more than larger villages with wooden palisades and a small tower atop a mote.

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Bone March Region of Greyhawk [1]

Prominent Locations


The partially ruined village on Bexley sits astride the road to Oleg Keep. Many of its houses lie covered with ivy while the remaining occupants have clustered in stoutly looking buildings near the center of the town. A coach house sits across from a well.


A small village up against and nearly surrounded by a swamp.

Cardum Swamp

The swamp is inhabited by a mix of lizard men and Flan who generally co-exist. An underdark entrance is located here in an old mound and troglodytes guard the area. A green dragon and his mate also claim this land as their abode.


The ruins of a small thorp line a sharp narrows n the road.


The village of Grenvik is located two miles south of Oleg keep the junction of two roads. It has a small inn and two taverns along with a small blacksmith shop who mostly makes fishing items.

Grenvik Bog

Midway up the Blemu Hills is a large bog nestled in the western side of the Blemu Hills of some ill renown at least locally. It's known to be a home for mist wraiths and will’o'wisps.


Horka is a small village of @112 souls. It sites outside the eastern entrance to Ivae Or Forest. In better times it maintains regular trade in beer, food, and dry-goods with the nearby keeps and Elves of the forest.


A simple hamlet partially surrounded by an old but still serviceable earthen rampart sits between groves of gnarled oaks.


A palisaded hamlet. Pop 75.


Medium size village sits astride the cross roads to Oleg Keep and Blemu Castle.

Oleg Keep

The largest keep in the Barony and ancestral home to the Baron and his family since CY334.

Ruusk Keep

A smaller outpost that guards the southern approaches to the Barony.


The ruins of a small thorp stand among the grasses and trees.


Halfway between Cardum Swamp and Oleg Keep and little village has been the scene of multiple skirmishes over the past forty years.

Whisper Mill

A solitary grist mill overgrown with its wind vanes bent to the ground like a wilted flower stands upon a earthen rise

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