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This adventure is set near the Ivae Orr forest, and area rife with criminal and political intrigue. The purpose of the adventure is to introduce the players to major NPC's and issues of the realm they have jest been granted. As in real life all is not as it seems or clear cut when it comes to deciding how to run a kingdom. Thera are subplots involving each of the groups the players will interact with that should result in multiple moral quandaries for the party to resolve. Remember, ACTIONS LEAD TO REACTIONS, there is a strong emphasis on character interaction, and events at the "national" aka realm or strategic level occurring in the background will be intersecting with the players choices.

Dungeon Masters Background

This campaign story arc is broken up into multiple acts that will occur over the course of one to two game years.

Baron Eddard Dunthmore is the players primary nemesis. A 14th level cavalier and Captain of a mercenary company of heavy infantry he took Oleg Keep in the tumultuous years after the Greyhawk Wars on behalf of Duke Grennel of North Province and intends to retain title to it. He has played the the three major warring powers (Nyrond, North Province, and the loose coalition of humanoid tribes holding most of Bone March) against each other for the past 10 years while slowly consolidating his hold on the area surrounding the keep. Duke Grenell and Count Dunstan have both tried to leverage Dunthmores geographic position to their advantage as the Keep straddles a wide pass between the Ivae Orr Forest and the and the old North Road connecting the regions silver and iron mines both to the County of Knurl and North Province.

The former silver and iron mines of the northern half of the Blemu Hills are held by the hobgoblin Ripper tribe who are intent on securing better resources (arable lands + slave to work them) to sustain their growing tribe. The lowlands of Bone March have been the traditional agrarian home of the Flan people for millennia and the area is dotted with many small villages ripe for the picking. The tribe has a loose alliance with Dunthmore and initiated a series of attacks against the villages not under Dunthmore's control. Dunthmore for his part - then follows up with harassing attacks to drive off the humanoids and garnering good will from the populace who would rather serve a human than humanoid liege. In parallel Dunthmore allows brigand activity orchestrated by the local thieves guild (also sanctioned by Dunthmore) to rob merchant convoys moving wool and whiskey through the region. A percentage of the profits are then split between Dunthmore and the hobgoblins.

Count Dunstan suspects Dunthmores treachery for years but has been unable to prove it and convince the population their benefactor is really the one behind their misery. Dunthmore's and the hobgoblin alliance has never been great and and now the hobgoblins have decided to move aggressively into the lower March. Dunstans forces are capable of defeating the hobgoblins but they are spread thin and he knows the other humanoid tribes would likely follow their advance leading to Knurls forces being overwhelmed.

As the last rightful ruler of Bone March, Count Dunstan has decided to bestow minor nobility status as Knights of the March and grant the players title to Oleg Keep as a reward for their service. By doing so he buys time gather his forces and those of the Dwarves of Clan Darzog to reinforce the defense of Knurl and potentially unseat Dunthmore from the keep providing the players can capture it a Northern base and powerful allies (the PC's) to launch a counter-offensive from. If the PC's fail the humanoids solidify control over the Blemu Hills and end up right on the border of Knurl.


There are many rumors circulating about current (and past) events that have an impact on the various factions the PC's will be interacting with. In some cases the rumors reflect elements of the greater campaign setting and can affect how NPC's act if not perturbed by the PC's action. Refer to the timeline section for additional information.

Prominent Locations


  • Greysmere Covenant
  • Osgood Smithy
  • Taggin's General Store

Temples & Religious Sites

  • Ruined Templed of Obad-Hai
  • Barad Rusay


  • Dourstone Residence
  • Gansworth Residence

Coach Houses, Inns & Taverns

Other Notable Sites

  • Bronzewood Lodge
  • Twilight Monastery

Notoriety & Black Points

The PC's will be interacting with various individuals and factions who have a vested interest in seeing that events go the way they planned. The PC's actions will be noticed and as situation permits be responded to directly or indirectly. Keep track of the PC's Notoriety as the campaign progresses because it will act as a trigger event to aid in making decisions on behalf of the larger factions. Generally speaking a localized disruption by the PC's say attacking or even killing 1-2 low or mid level NPC's associated with the Ripper Clan or Dunthmore's insurrection or criminal underground in a routine encounter will not necessarily result in a heavy handed response from the organization. However if they discern what could be considered a systemic house cleaning or major disruptions to their plans will be noticed and investigated, potentially in force.

Goal of the Adventure

Capture Oleg Keep, prevent the Rippers from invading the low country.

Beginning the Adventure

The adventure begins with the PC's having been granted their titles as Knight Protectors are directed by the Count to march a company of 50 infantry north to take Oleg Keep.

Chronology of Events
Planned Adversary Activities Allied Activities
CY 618 Undead army under a cleric of Nerull advances towards Knurl
CY 618 Logeth Hold falls
CY619 Ruusk Keep falls to treachery
CY 619 Darzog Hold falls Baron Diesku sends a party of adventures to aid Knurl
Battle of Talvors Manor - undead routed
CY620 CY620 Ivae Orr and Darzog Clan reinforce Knurl
CY 620 Dargoz mines recovered by a party of adventurers
Quest to the demi-plane (Velors Prison) campaign
CY 621 Rippers establish raiding camp at Wanborne
CY 621 Dunstan grants tiles and land around Oleg Keep to PC's
CY 621 PC's destroy the Ripper raiding party at Wanborne
Capture the harvest, supplies leave via wagon to Ripper Mines
Fireseek CY 621 Rippers move towards
CY 622 Rippers hold the lowlands

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3




Knights of the March