Knights of the March

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The Knights of the March (also known as the March Knights) is a small order formed from survivors of the purge of the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom and a mix of human Rangers, Elves, and reportedly a few Dwarves. Respected for their devotion to defending the few holdouts of good and free peoples left in Bone March since being overrun by the humanoid invaders they number less than 35,

The order's heraldry consisted of a golden tree atop a hill on a stone grey field representing the core races..


The titular head of the March Knights is known as the Knight Commander. The Knight Commander is chosen from the ranks of the March Knights to serve for a ten year term. The order was headquartered at Spinecastle before its capture but now its members are mostly scattered around the Blemu Hills, lower Rakers, and lowlands in-between. A council seat is reserved in Knurl for the Knight Commander but hasn't been filled in years. The Knight Commander preferring instead to conduct his business from the council of elves in the Ivar Or.


The Knights value devotion to the land and its common people (Flan) . The order values law, honor, and valor.