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The World of Greyhawk Timeline is a list of known historical events taking place within the World of Greyhawk Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting. Dates are given in the Common Year calendar. Some especially noteworthy events are listed in bold.

Age Before Ages

Main article: Age Before Ages

The Age Before Ages is the era before recorded human history.

Unknown past

These events took place at some unknown time in the past. No fixed date is associated with them, and the order in which they took place is uncertain.

  • The multiverse comes into being. From the primordial chaos arises the planes. (Guide to Hell p.2-3)
  • Before the gods exist or any mortal empires rise, the chaotic obyrith demons come into being and rule the Abyss. (Dragon #359 p.44; Fiendish Codex I p.106)
  • Io, the Ninefold Dragon, emerges from the First Void and sheds blood in the Shadow Void to inspire all creation. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.91)
  • The Elemental planes birth the Elemental Princes of Good. (Dragon #353 p.43)
  • An obyrith called the Queen of Chaos begins conquering worlds of the material plane. On the world of Oerth, in the Battle of Pesh in the shadow of White Plume Mountain, the Wind Dukes of Aaqa use the Rod of Law to defeat the Queen's general, Miska the Wolf-Spider. The obyrith demons fall, and the tanar'ri demons come to rule the Abyss. (Dragon #357 p.70; Dungeon #124 p.16-17; Fiendish Codex I p.106)
    • Oerth Journal #1 suggests a date of 60 OC or -4403 CY for this battle, though this date is not official.
  • The tanar'ri demons and baatezu devils begin the Blood War. (Dragon #357 p.70; Fiendish Codex I, p.106)
  • According to legend, Oerth's second sun disappears thousands of years ago. (Greyspace p.26)
  • An unknown civilization inhabits the Flanaess. The Sinking Isle is a remnant of that species. (Greyhawk Adventures p.93)
  • The first Dwarven King crafts the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords. (AD&D 1e DMG p.156)
  • The Flan tribesmen spread throughout the Flanaess. (C2 The Ghost Tower of Inverness p.2)
  • The Flan mountain city of Tostenhca (Skrellingshald) is built. (Greyhawk Adventures p.92)
  • The Ur-Flannae send emissaries to the gray elves of the City of the Summer Stars in what is now the Coldwood, seeking the elven magic from Queen Sharafere. When she refuses, the Ur-Flannae destroy the forest. Sharafere's son Darnakurian creates the evil sword Hunger, but is controlled by its evil to slay his own people. (Ivid the Undying p.74)
  • The Empire of Vecna is founded. (LGG p.64)
  • The great wizard Galap-Dreidel inhabits the great fortress Inverness in the foothills of the Abbor-Alz. He hides the powerful Soul-Gem therein. (C2 The Ghost Tower of Inverness p.2)
  • Tzunk, the High Wizard Priest of the Isles of Woe, discovers the Codex of the Infinite Planes and uses it to raise an empire and conquer to the City of Brass. Upon his death, his body is cut into a hundred pieces to prevent his resurrection. The Isles of Woe later sink into the Nyr Dyv. (AD&D 1e DMG p.156; Book of Artifacts p.27; LGJ #2 p.19)
  • Founding of the empire of Lum the Mad. (AD&D 1e DMG p.159)

c. -14400 CY

c. -14000 CY

  • Sometime before this point in time the city that will one day be called Exag is abandoned by the race of Crafters. (Dungeon #145 p.49)

c. -13000 CY

  • The founding of the kopru city-state Shotho'Kopur. The kopru calendar begins. (Dragon #354 p.62)

c. -7411 CY

c. -7408 CY

Age of Glory (c. -5515 CY to -483 CY)

The era of dominance of the Suloise Imperium, beginning at the year 1 SD by the Suloise calendar, or -5515 CY. The Baklunish Empire and kingdoms of the Flannae also flourish in this period.

-5515 CY

  • The Suloise Dating calendar begins. -5515 CY is equivalent to 1 SD.
    • The origin of the Suloise calendar is not canonically stated. Dates given in Dragon #241 p.47 suggests it could be the founding of the Suel Imperium (see Suloise Dating). In Oerth Journal #1, writer Len Lakofka suggests that it is dated from the year when the Suloise archmage Obendar first bound the genie king Ali Ben Yala.

-4462 CY

  • The Olven Calendar dating system begins. -4462 CY is equivalent to 1 OC.
    • The origin of the Olven Calendar is not canonically stated. Oerth Journal #1 suggests that it dates to the establishment of four elven kingdoms of Highfolk, Celene, Aliador, and Arrisa. OJ#1 incorrectly translates this date as -4463 CY due to not accounting for a lack of a Year 0 in the Common Year calendar.

c. -4416 CY

  • The Eight-House War takes place involving the Suel Imperium. It is believed to have caused the use of skulks within the empire as assassins. (Dragon #241 p.47)

c. -4358 CY

c. -4217 CY

  • Caerdiralor's capital, Myrsyrna, is devastated in a sudden catastrophe. The surviving elite flee across the Sea of Gearnat, landing on the coast of the grasslands that are now the Bright Desert. Unable to escape through the Abbor Alz and hunted by the native nomadic Flan horse tribes, the refugees are driven into hiding. (Dominions of the Flannae)
    • Dominions of the Flannae describes that Caerdiralor and its capital rose and fell "Forty centuries before the golden sun of the Aerdi rose in the east".

-2659 CY

  • The Baklunish Hegira calendar begins. -2659 CY is equivalent to 1 BH.
    • The origin of the Baklunish calendar is not canonically stated. Oerth Journal #1 suggests that the Baklunish calendar dates to the discovery of Tovag Baragu, although it incorrectly converts this date as -2660 CY.

c. -2400 CY

  • Suloise emperor Inzhilem II of House Neheli-Arztin, the fifth Mage of Power in Suloise history, wars with the Fiery Kings, a group of red dragons and shadow dragons of the Crystalmist Mountains. (Dragon #230 p.9,10)
  • By this date, abundant growth of kopura molluscs leads to the rise in kopru civilization and the establishment of numerous underwater city-states over the following centuries. Kopru society dominates the oceans. (Dragon #59 p.58)
  • The Olman gods first discover Oerth and begin to influence the Olman people. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.42)
  • Demon worshipping troglodytes rule the Amedio Jungle. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.62)
  • Hero Azor'alq, champion of the First Dynasty emperors, first venerated as a hero deity by Baklunish people. (LGJ #3 p.9)

c. -2360 CY

  • Suloise emperor Inzhilem II secretly undertakes plans to create the Orbs of Dragonkind. After acquiring knowledge from the goddess Wee Jas, he instructs the Imperial Congress to supply him with powerful mages capable of aiding him in their construction. (Dragon #230 p.11)

-2354 CY

  • Civil war breaks out within the Suloise noble house of Neheli-Arztin, resulting in the dissolution of Arztin. Emperor Inzhilem II is slain, and succeeded by Ubrond Thrideen of House Neheli. (Dragon #230 p.11)

-2350 CY

  • At some point after this year, the eight Orbs of Dragonkind are created. Due to the absence of the genius Inzhilem and interference by spies of the dragons, the orbs are cursed and less effective than intended. One is later stolen, and a renegade officer in the eastern provinces subsequently goes mad and declares himself King of the Fire Kings. (Dragon #230 p.11-12)

-2150 CY

  • The Flan Tracking calendar begins. -2150 CY is equivalent to 1 FT.
    • The origin of the Flan calendar is not canonically stated. Oerth Journal #1 suggests that it dates to the founding of the first Flan city in the Lortmils.

c. -2004 CY

  • The Flan people spread across the Flanaess. (Dungeon #145 p.49)
  • The Flan warlord Exag discovers the ruined city in the Mounds of Dawn built by the Crafters, where his tribe makes a stand against pursuing lizardfolk. A grandmother named Prizin'ha sacrifices herself at an ancient pyramid to summon earth elementals. Within a few generations, the city's new inhabitants begin a cult to the Crafters and name the city Exag. (Dungeon #145 p.49)

c. -1910 CY

  • Touv and Olman tribes inhabit Hepmonaland using rudimentary farming methods. Over the next 400 years, the Olman develop bronze and stone work and begin to build large cities, and eventually come into conflict with the Touv. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.36)

c. -1700 CY

  • Fall of troglodyte empire in the Amedio Jungle. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.62)

c. -1600 CY

  • The d'kana, a species of intelligent gorillas, comes to power in the Amedio Jungle. Their civilization allows for the rise of the evil kech and the beastmen. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.62)
  • Suloise Imperium destroys the evil Pyremius-worshiping gnomish creators of the jermlaine. (Dragon #241 p.49)

c. -1510 CY

  • By this date, four Olman city-states have risen in Hepmonaland. The northernmost state, Xuxulieto, is destroyed by its two neighbors. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.36)
  • Touv in the south Hepmonaland form permanent settlements. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.36)

-1408 CY

  • The Touv Calendar begins. Touv believe it was created by the god Katay. -1408 CY is equivalent to 1 TC. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.38,40)
  • The first Touv king, Onatal, is crowned in Kundanol. Onatal unifies the Touv tribes and proclaims himself King of the Cities, founding the Kingdom of Kunda and eventually warring with the Olman. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.36,38)

-1405 CY

  • Kyuss, a Flan priest exiled from Sulm before its destruction, is still a living human by this date. He later takes his followers south and founds the jungle city of Kuluth-Mar. With assistance from the spellweaver lich Mak'ar, Kyuss later attempts to ascend to godhood, but becomes trapped in the monolith used in his ascension. (Dungeon #130 p.60,81; LGJ #3)

c. -1400 CY

  • The Flan kingdom of Sulm conquers its neigbor states Ronhas, Durha, Rhuga, and Truun. After three decades of warfare, Sulm defeats its primary rival, the Sun Kingdom of Itar. Sulm reaches its zenith. (Polyhedron #157 p.22)
  • Flan deity Vathris, patron of Itar, is killed when he is struck through the chest with a poisonous barbed longspear. (Dragon #319 p.61; Dominions of the Flannae)
    • Dragon #319 dates this event as over 1,000 years ago. Polyhedron #157 and WGR3 Rary the Traitor date this closer to just over 2,000 years ago.
  • The Kopru are at the height of their civilization when a sudden, unexplained disease causes their kopura food source to diminish. Kopru civilization begins to collapse. (Dragon #354 p.59)
  • The wizard Keraptis establishes himself as the "protector" of the Flan city of Tostenhca. (Return to White Plume Mountain p.3)

-1250 CY

  • Iyapo declared an official city-state. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.50)

c. -1219 CY

  • Suloise Imperial Congress approves creation of the derro. (Dragon #241 p.40)

c. -1200 CY

  • The Olman arrive in the Amedio Jungle. The d'kana have largely withdrawn from the region by this point. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.62)

c. -1100 CY

c. -1000 CY

  • The wizard Keraptis is ousted by the people Tostenhca, who rebel after he demands payment of one third of all the city's newborn children. He and his followers flee and travel for almost 300 years, during which he discovers the weapons Whelm, Wave, and Blackrazor. (Return to White Plume Mountain p.3)
  • The Olman migrate into the Amedio Jungle. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.47)
  • Flannae tribes live in the region which would later be known as the Pomarj, worshiping powers of the earth who they believe sleep beneath the [[Drachensgrabs] hills. (LGG p.87; Slavers p.120)

c. -913 CY

  • Due to civil unrest, Sulm's emperor Shattados turns to Tharizdun for power, receiving the cursed Scorpion Crown. The crown turns Shattados into a gigantic scorpion, and his people into manscorpions and dune stalkers. Its use begins transforming the grasslands of Sulm into the Bright Desert. (Polyhedron #157 p.22; Rary the Traitor p.15,22; Dominions of the Flannae)

-905 CY

  • Kyuss briefly escapes his prison, attempting to bring about the Age of Worms. Kyuss’s forces, led by Dragotha, are defeated near Rift Canyon by the Order of the Storm, but not before Dragotha manages to slay their ally, the silver dragon Lashonna. (DNG#132.83-84)

c. -903 CY

  • Sulm's transformation into the Bright Desert complete. ("Dominions of the Flannae")
  • Most of the undersea city-states of the kopru are destroyed by war, strife and slave uprising. (Dragon #354)

-804 CY

  • The Olman Lunar calendar begins. -804 CY is equivalent to 1 OL.
  • The Olman of the Amedio declare themselves the true Olman nation. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.64)

-800 CY

  • By this year, all Olman colonies in the Amedio Jungle have declared independence after learning that the Hepmonaland Olman empire has fallen. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.62)

-720 CY

  • The Touv construct the fortification Anatal at the base of the Kyalo Hills. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.47)

c. -700 CY

  • The archwizard Keraptis rises to power. (Dragon #241 p.77)
  • Keraptis discovers White Plume Mountain, where he discovers the blade Frostrazor. He lays waste to Tostenhca. (Return to White Plume Mountain p.3)
  • Keraptis battles and defeats the elder druid Aegwareth for control of White Plume Mountain. (Return to White Plume Mountain p.3,56)
  • Thingizzard, Witch of the Fens, already lives in White Plume Mountain by this date. Keraptis refuses to fight her, and she will continue to guard the bogs for at least the next 1,300 years. (Return to White Plume Mountain p.15)
  • Flan tribes still dominate the Flanaess. (Dragon #241 p.77)
  • Olman princes claim the Isle of Dread, establishing the grand city-state of Thanaclan. (Dungeon #142 p.35)
  • In the waters below the city of Thanaclan, aboleths of Golismorga take affront at the human invasion, sending a constant stream of enslaved skum to attack the city. The Olman craft Tlaloc's Tear, and carry it to Golismorga, invoking the rain god's power to all the water from the city. The aboleths abandon the city. (Dungeon #142 p.35; Dungeon #144 p.30)

-676 CY

  • Society of the Serpent founded, though it falsely claims to be thousands of years older. It is a secret society of mages, originally of Suloise origin. (Dragon #256 p.45-46)

-644 CY

  • The Oeridian Record calendar begins. -644 CY is equivalent to 1 OR.
  • Oeridians unite in a single confederation to defend against the Baklunish. (The Adventure Begins p.55)
  • Great Migrations begin. (LGG p.23)

c. -622 CY

c. -610 CY

  • The tribes of the Amedio develop the blowgun. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.65)

-594 CY

  • Lyzandred born. (Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad p.2)

-554 CY

  • Lyzandred discovers a portal to a demiplane closely aligned with Oerth and uses it to store powerful magic items. He begins to go slightly mad and soon locks himself away in the plane for Oerth's safety. (Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad p.2)

-534 CY

  • Lyzandred, trapped in his private demiplane, finally succumbs to death and rises as a lich. (Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad p.2)

c. -516 CY

  • The land later known as the Pomarj is first settled by Oeridian tribes. They come into conflict with indigenous trolls, goblins, and barbarians. (Dragon #167 p.11)

-490 CY

  • Emperor Tloqasikukuatl of the Amedio Olman empire assassinated by priests of Zotzilaha. The empire collapses into civil war as rival cities claim the title of emperor and band together to sack the capital of Chetanicatla. The city is overrun by gibbering mouthers. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.65)

-486 CY

  • Baklunish and Suloise raiders pillage each other's settlements across the Haut Range. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.2)

Great Migrations (c.485 CY to -1 CY)

Downfall of the Suloise Imperium and Baklunish Empire, beginning with the outbreak of war in -485 CY. Both empires destroy each other in the Twin Cataclysms. Suloise, Baklunish, and Oeridian refugees settle the Flanaess. The Empire of Vecna collapses. The Free City of Greyhawk is founded.

-485 CY

  • Beginning of the Baklunish-Suloise Wars. (Guide p.9)
  • In spring, Sulose Emperor Ad-Zol sends 9,000 troops across the Haut Range to punish Baklunish raiders. His forces are met by an army sent Bakluni Padishah Ramif. They fight on the Fields of Padyr and all but annihilate each other over three days. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.2)

-466 CY

  • First employment of humanoid mercenaries. Baklunish and Suloise forces hire orcs and other humanoids. (Guide p.9)
  • Humanoid mercenaries tend to pillage northward and eastward, forcing many Oeridians from their ancestral lands. (Folio p.5)
  • Around this year or next, a council of Oeridian hetmen heed the advice of their shamans and abandon their lands to the Baklunish, migrating eastward into the Flanaess through a pass between the Barrier Peaks and Yatil Mountains. (The Adventure Begins p.55)

-458 CY

  • Oeridian migrations move into the Tuflik Valley, into what would later become Ket. (The Adventure Begins p.55)
  • Oerid migrations east at peak point. (Guide p.9)

-447 CY

  • Suloise migrations begin. (Guide p.9; The Scarlet Brotherhood p.2)
  • Zellif Ad-Zol, son of Emperor Ad-Zol, flees into the Flanaess, accompanied by thousands of loyal followers. The emperor sends the houses of Schnai, Cruskii and Fruztii to bring him back, but they are never heard of again. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.2,3)

-446 CY

  • Suloise commoners and some minor noble houses flee across the Harsh Pass and into the Flanaess to avoid war and rival noble houses. The population of Suloise cities decreases. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.2)

-445 CY

-425 CY

  • The Scarlet Brotherhood is founded in the last years of the Bakluni-Suel wars to combat what its members saw as the dilution of Suel virtues and superiority. Its express purpose is the "purification" of Suel blood and behavior, with the concomitant and inevitable rule. (Fate of Istus p.110; The Scarlet Brotherhood p.2,17)
  • The city of Tamoachan is abandoned. After two seasons of poor crops, the city's priests come into conflict. The resulting magical battle lasts one day, during which the population flees and never returns. The city is hidden by the jungle within a decade. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.63)
  • The archmage Keraptis presumed dead by this point. (Dragon #241 p.78)

-422 CY

  • By this date, only five of the eight Orbs of Dragonkind remain in Suloise hands. The Orb of Wyrmkin, Orb of the Great Serpent, and Orb of the Eternal Grand Dragon are missing, with one rumored to have fallen into the hands of the Baklunish Empire. (Dragon #230 p.12)
  • Kevelli Mauk receives a premonition of doom. He activates Lendor's Matrix and teleports himself, his ten most powerful students, their slaves, and the Tome of the Scarlet Sign across the Hellfurnaces, less than an hour before the Suloise capital is destroyed. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.3)
  • Twin Cataclysms. In the Suel Empire, the Suel Mages of Power gather their magical energies and call down the Invoked Devastation. No Bakluni cities survive this blast of magical energy. In retaliation, Bakluni clerics and mages gathered at Tovag Baragu, using the arcane powers of the Binders and drawing upon the energies of their holiest site, withstand these energies and counter strike with the Rain of Colorless Fire on the empire. The remains of this expenditure of energy are now called the Sea of Dust and the Dry Steppes. (Guide p.9)
  • Surviving Baklunish migrate north to the shores of the Dramidj Ocean. (Player's Guide to Greyhawk p.9)
  • Axe of the Dwarvish Lords is lost in the Invoked Devastation. (Dungeon Masters Guide (1e) p.156)
  • The gods of the Paynims grant their most exalted high priest the Cup and Talisman of Al'Akbar. (AD&D 1e DMG p.157)
  • Dhabiya in Zeif exists at this point as a small provincial village. (LGJ #5 p.16)
  • The Sanserail is built. It is unfinished when the Invoked Devastation hits, and would ultimately never be completed. (LGJ #5 p.17)
  • Human survivors of the Invoked Devastation flee to Mukhazin, the most powerful orcish malik in the Satrapy of Ghayar, where they are enslaved to orc masters. (LGJ #5 p.20)

c. -420 CY

  • Small numbers of Suloise, unwelcome elsewhere, settle in what would become the Pomarj. Its poor soil and terrain make it inhospitable. (LGG p.87)
  • A band of Suloise massacre Flan tribesmen in what is now the Twisted Forest. Flan gods curse them to form pillars of stone, never to leave the hills. (Greyhawk Adventures p.96)

-413 CY

  • Suel city of Zar founded in Hepmonaland. (TSB p.55)

-412 CY

  • The wizard Slerotin finds Suloise survivors of the Rain of Colorless Fire living in a primitive state in the Crystalmists. He opens a tunnel through the mountains into the Flanaess leading to what would become the Yeomanry. Seventeen tribes ultimately make it through the tunnel. (Dragon #241 p.44)

-411 CY

c. -405 CY

  • By this date, the lich-king Vecna still rules his empire on Oerth. (Dragon #348 p.19)

c. -403 CY

  • The first Baklunish settlers come to Exag. The first major exodus of Exag natives occurs. (Dungeon #145 p.49)

-402 CY

  • Lerga settled by Suel nobles led by Duke Medajar, a priest of Llerg. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.52)

-400 CY

  • Rudd born. (Dragon #165 p.59)

c. -400 CY

  • Oeridian and Suloise settlers arrive in the Flanaess. (Slavers p.120)
  • Volte the blue dragon of the Bright Desert is born. (WGR4 Rary the Traitor p.23)
    • Volte is stated to be 1,000 years old in WGR4, set after the end of the Greyhawk Wars, so suggested to be set around 584-585 CY. Assuming Volte is exactly 1,000 years old rather than approximately so, this would suggest a probably date of birth -417 or -416 CY, shortly after the Twin Cataclysms.
  • Baron Erkin founds the Kingdom of Drachensgrab. (Slavers p.120)
  • Savage Tide washes over the Isle of Dread, destroying the Olman city-state of Thanaclan. (Dungeon #142 p.35)

-396 CY

  • Sharba founded by Suel lost in the Hepmonaland jungle, based on the ruins of an Olman city. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.52)

c. -392 CY

  • In the first century of the Kingdom of Keoland, diplomacy by the Oeridian settlers allows the demihumans of the Sheldomar Valley hills to come together in peace, forming the Good Hills Union. (LGJ #1 p.19)

c. -385 CY

  • Naer's Well, the oldest Suloise settlement along the Wild Coast, is founded as a cluster of farmsteads. It later becomes known as Narwell. It would later be joined by Safe Town, eventually known as Safeton. (The Adventure Begins p.56)

-368 CY

  • City of Gradsul founded in what would later become Keoland. (LGG p.64)

-366 CY

  • Flan first spot the Aerdi tribes on the western shores of the Nyr Dyv. Panic and unrest among the Flan is speculated to have caused the downfall of the kingdom of Veralos. (Dragon #293 p.90)

-358 CY

  • City of Niole Dra established by this date. (LGG p.64)

c. -358 CY

  • Empire of Vecna falls. A great internal upheaval within the Empire of Vecna causes its collapse. Oeridian settlers move into the Empire's former territory in the northern Sheldomar Valley. (LGG p.64)
    • The exact date of Vecna's fall is uncertain. Dragon #348's "Core Beliefs: Vecna" have him rule around 1,000 years ago, i.e. c. -405 CY, and rule from what would become northern Keoland. The collapse of the capital domain of his empire is consistent with the assumption that Vecna was killed at this time.

-350 CY

  • Suloise reach the northern shore of Matreyus Lake, where they discover the ruins of the Olman city of Elatalhuihle. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.63)

c. -345 CY

  • A few Suloise settle the western shores of the Woolly Bay. The elves of the Gnarley Forest, Welkwood and Celene drive them to the poor land on the isolated coast. Most Suloise instead move further east, later settling Urnst. (The Adventure Begins p.55)

-342 CY

  • Kingdom of Keoland founded. Great Council of Niole Dra formed from the Suel noble houses and Oeridian tribes of Keogh. Nyhan I of House Neheli the first king. (LGG p.64; The Adventure Begins p.55; LGJ #1)

-321 CY

  • Migratory Suloise barbarians reach the Thillonrian Peninsula. (Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, p.44)

c. -315 CY

  • City of Jurnre founded. It is one of the oldest surviving cities in the Flanaess. (Fate of Istus p.25)
  • Tuerny the Merciless already born by this year. (Return of the Eight p.9)
  • By this year, Greyhawk is already known by this name. Originally a small log trading post, it is named for small gray hawks native to the region. (The Adventure Begins p.56)
  • Gorna, capital of Geoff, established around this year by natives with the help of the sylvan elves and forests. Geoff also founded by this year, established by migrating Suel and Oeridians and Flan tribes. (LGG p.48)
  • Demihumans have holdings in the Cairn Hills, but have yet to establish their major settlements such as Grossettgrottell and Greysmere. (The Adventure Begins p.55)

-314 CY

-307 CY

  • Sultan's Truce. Zeif founded. Ozef the Warrior becomes the first Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20,21)

-295 CY

-294 CY

  • Marut the Mournful becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)

-279 CY

  • Nyhan the Forlorn of House Neheli becomes king of Keoland. (LGJ #1)
  • Founding of Hardby. Suloise wizard Ena Norbe sets sail from Safe Town and claims an inlet east of the mouth of the Selintan River as her own. Ena Norbe establishes Norbe Harbor, later named Hard Bay after bad weather in winter and plague in spring. (The Adventure Begins p.56; Slavers p.32)

-272 CY

c. -267 CY

  • Tuerny, human archmage and conqueror, creates the Iron Flask of Tuerny the Merciless by this date. He later captures Graz'zt in the flask. (Return of the Eight p.9,56)

-258 CY

  • Tembel the Lamented becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)

c. -258 CY

  • The Yeomanry rises up against the tyrant Asberdies. He is overthrown, and the Yeomanry develop their own system of government. (LGG p.135)

-252 CY

  • A priest of Meyanok infiltrates the inner circle of the prince of the Kunda city-state of Jolan. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.50)

-250 CY

  • After two years of manipulation, the prince of Jolan declares his city-state independent of Kunda. Ichamamna and Byanbo subsequently declare independence. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.50)

-245 CY

  • Tilvanot Pensinsula erupts into a brief civil war as three Suloise noble houses attempt to break away from the Scarlet Brotherhood's influence. The defeated nobles are tortured and executed, and their generals killed by Brotherhood monks using the Quivering Palm. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.4)

-243 CY

  • The government council of the Suloise Kingdom of Shar is dissolved. The Scarlet Brotherhood becomes the new government in the Tilvanot Peninsula. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.4)

-242 CY

  • Keoland expands to its current borders. (LGG p.65)

-240 CY

  • The Kingdom of Kunda fragments. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.47)

-236 CY

-230 CY

c. -222 CY

  • Hand of Vecna first appears in the Flanaess. 136 years after the fall of Vecna, the first recorded appearance of his hand is made when clan leader Paddin the Vain uses the Hand of Vecna to start the Insurrection of the Yaheetes. The Aerdi later crush the insurrection. (Book of Artifacts p.35; AD&D 2e revised DMG p.126)
    • LGG p.64 suggests Vecna's empire fell c. -358 CY, which would give a date around -222 CY for the Hand's appearance, possibly up to a number of years later. Book of Artifacts has the insurrection put down by the "Emperor of the Malachite Throne", which may suggest the much later Great Kingdom of Aerdy (est. -110 CY) or office of Overking (est. 1 CY). However, the original Kingdom of Aerdy was founded around this year, and they would spend the following decades in conquest, giving casus belli for an insurrection of a local Flan or Oeridian tribe. (LGG p.23)

-219 CY

  • Jehef the Splendid becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)

-217 CY

  • Founding of the Kingdom of Aerdy, the year 428 OR by the Oeridian calendar. For the next 100 years Aerdy absorbs other Oeridian states to the west. (Guide p.9; LGG p.23,80,93)
    • Note: This date is incorrectly calculated as -216 CY by the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer. The date of 428 OR is given in the 1983 Greyhawk box set, and a conversion of -217 CY is correct when accounting for the lack of a year zero in the Common Year calendar.

c. -210 CY

  • By this year, the cursed sword Druniazth appears in the hands of Baron Lum. He loses it in a battle against Ur-Flan sorcerers in what would become the Bonewood. He spends the rest of his life trying to recover it, and the search drives him mad. (LGJ #10 p.96)

c. -206 CY

c. -195 CY

  • The Kingdom of Aerdy conquers the Flan kingdom of Ahlissa. (LGG p.80)
    • This event takes place during the fifth century OR, which occurs from -244 CY to -145 CY.

-193 CY

-171 CY

  • An Aerdi army defeats a small Flan tribe at the Battle of Chokestone. The general orders surviving Flan sacrificed to Erythnul. (Ivid the Undying p.53)

-170 CY

  • Suloise city near the ruins of Elatalhuihle fails for unknown reasons. It remains cursed to this day. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.63)

-161 CY

-157 CY

-142 CY

  • The Aerdi establish the court at Eastfair, in 503 OR by the Oeridian calendar. (LGG p.73)

-131 CY

-121 CY

-110 CY

  • Battle of a Fortnight's Length. The Kingdom of Aerdy defeats Nyrondal cavalry squadrons to become the regional superpower. Aerdy thereafter becomes known as the Great Kingdom. (Guide p.9; LGG p.23,77,93)
    • Note: This date is incorrectly calculated as -109 CY by the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer. The date of 535 OR is given in the box set and The Adventure Begins, and a conversion of -110 CY is correct when accounting for the lack of a year zero in the Common Year calendar.
  • Tenh abandons its short-lived alliance with Nyrond and pledges fealty to the king of Aerdy. (LGG p.112)
  • By this date, the mist dragons Fundamental Thought and Sincere Assertion have arrived in the Mist Kingdom. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.66)

c. -110 CY

  • The winter deity Vatun is imprisoned by clerics of Telchur. (LGG p.185)

-108 CY

  • Ur-Flan insurgents attempt to assassinate the king of the Great Kingdom. The attempt is foiled by local peasant militia, most of whom are slain. The king rewards the survivors by establishing them as the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom. (LGG p.157)
    • Note: This date is incorrectly calculated as -107 CY by the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer. A conversion of 537 OR to Template:Date is correct when accounting for the lack of a year zero in the Common Year calendar.

-107 CY

-98 CY

-96 CY

  • Keoland annexes the Yeomanry. Its freeholders are given voice at the Council of Niole Dra. (LGG p.65,135)

-88 CY

  • Cathedral of Delight built in Niole Dra by followers of Telchur. Its construction drives the church to bankruptcy, and they are forced to sell it to the church of Sotillon. (Dragon #265 p.50)

-83 CY

-72 CY

-63 CY

-52 CY

  • Irmun the Beggar becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)

-47 CY

  • Great Kingdom captures Onnwal in the year 598 OR. (LGG p.80)
    • Note: This date is incorrectly calculated as -46 CY by the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer. The -47 CY is correct when accounting for the lack of a year zero in the Common Year calendar.

-46 CY

  • Eastern Fortification of Zeif. Lopolla founded. (LGJ #5 p.21)

c. -46 CY

-45 CY

-35 CY

-19 CY

-16 CY

  • Temple of Istus built in Wragby. (WGR4 The Marklands p.74)

c. -10 CY

Common Era (c. 1 CY to 598 CY)

Dominance of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy in the Flanaess, from which the Common Year calendar is dated as 1 CY. The term "Common Era" is attested in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer p.65.

1 CY

  • Grand Prince Nasran of the Great Kingdom declares peace within the empire. He takes the title of Overking and is crowned in the capital Rauxes. The borders of the Great Kingdom extend as far east as the Free City of Greyhawk. (Guide p.9; LGG p.23)
  • The Common Year (CY) calendar is established in the Great Kingdom, replacing the Oeridian Record calendar. The first year of this new calendar, 1 CY, is equivalent to 645 OR.

4 CY

  • Captain Maret Nial crosses the Cairn Hills with a band of retired veterans and claims the village of Greyhawk, his own home town, on behalf of the Great Kingdom. The villagers shrug and. He builds roads and establishes trade with Hard Bay and Dyvar, allowing it to grow into a major river port. (The Adventure Begins p.57)

7 CY

9 CY

  • Crook of Rao discovered, using Oeridian divination magic and Flan legend. The place of its discovery is named Mitrik, meaning "salvation". (LGG p.129)
  • Melek I the Cleaver becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)

11 CY

  • A major battle against Flan tribesmen takes place at Arrowstrand. (Ivid the Undying p.50)

12 CY

15 CY

  • The village of Greyhawk has grown into a major river port, with a population of thousands. The self-styled Lord Nial commands hundreds of men. He is granted the formal title of Landgraf of Selintan. The establishment of the Domain of Selintan leads to a boom in trade through Greyhawk. (The Adventure Begins p.57)

c. 25 CY

  • Early in its first century, the Great Kingdom creates baronies from the islands later known as the Sea Barons. Originall inhabited by Flan tribesmen, they are soon settled by Oeridian colonists. (LGG p.99)

33 CY

42 CY

  • Oytmeet founded by a merchant company as a trading post. (Against the Giants: THe Liberation of Geoff p.63)

43 CY

  • Payezif I the Poet becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)
  • The Citadel of Jurnre constructed. (Fate of Istus p.27)

c. 43 CY

  • The Grand Citadel of the Free City of Greyhawk is attacked by a horde of humanoids approximately in this year. The force was repelled by the warriors and spellcasters of the Free City, through cunning use of illusion. This victory spawned the celebration now known as the Desportium of Magick.
  • Around this year, Landgraf Ganz Nial of Greyhawk, son and heir of Maret Nial, repels a humanoid army invading from the Abbor-Alz by recruiting local wizards as illusionists and commandeering magic items from locals. Bounty hunters hired to hunt down the humanoids' spellcaster leaders become the foundation of Greyhawk's Guild of Assassins. (The Adventure Begins p.57)

49 CY

  • King Malv III of Keoland dies. The throne reverts to a House Neheli for over a century, during which Keoish expansion halts. This period is later referred to as the Slumbering. Cedrian I becomes king. (LGG p.65)
  • Maro becomes Gynarch of Hardby. (The Adventure Begins p.57)

c. 70 CY

75 CY

  • Overking Tenmeris, grandson of the first Overking Nasran, dies. He is succeeded by his wife, Overqueen Yalranda. (Ivid p.3)

c. 80 CY

  • Old City of Eastfair built. (Ivid p.47)
    • This may contradict LGG p.73, which asserts that the court at Eastfair was founded in 503 OR (Template:Date).

87 CY

  • Yazerak the Thunderous becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)

c. 91 CY

  • Keraptis leaves White Plume Mountain and never returns. (Return to White Plume Mountain p.4)
  • Earliest of the Star Cairns built. (Player's Guide p.52)
    • This is contradicted by The Star Cairns p.2, which suggests they were built 169 CY.

c. 97 CY

  • Aerdi forces begin their conquest of the Flan territory which would become Perrenland. (LGG p.85)

98 CY

  • Overking Erhart I of the Great Kingdom allows his son to handle the Orb of the Hatchling. Under the cursed orb's influence, the boy throws himself over a parapet and dies. (Dragon #230 p.14)

100 CY

  • The Aerdi reach the height of their power. (Folio p.10)
  • By this date, the Great Kingdom's viceroyalties of South Province and North Province have been established. (LGG p.23)
  • The Viceroyalty of Nyrond and the Viceroyalty of Ferrond are established by Overking Manshen, bringing the total number of viceroyalties to four. (LGG p.23)

c. 100 CY

  • Gnomes and elves develop the elven military outpost of Verbobonc into a walled trade city. (LGG p.132)

102 CY

108 CY

  • In spring, Overking Manshen responds to an increase in Suel barbarian raids by amassing an army at Knurl. They march northeast, uprooting Fruztii encampments by autumn, and laying the foundations for the fortress at Spinecastle. (LGG p.36)
  • In autumn, the Great Kingdom liberates Johnsport. (LGG p.36)

109 CY

  • Battle of Shamblefield, also called Caldni Vir's Charge. After thousands of Fruztii barbarians overwhelm the construction at Spinecastle, Knight Protector of the Great Kingdom heavy cavalry commander Caldni Vir is ordered to retreat. He refuses the orders and liberates Spinecastle, allowing the imperial army to victorious. (LGG p.36, Folio p.9; Dragon #293 p.88)
    • Dragon #293 p.88 (LGJ #9) dates the Battle of Shamblefield to 108 CY. However, LGG p.36 dates the liberation of Johnsport to 108 CY, and the Battle of Shamblefield to the following year.
  • By spring, the Great Kingdom conquers the Bone March, so named for the number of lives required to take it. Overking Manshen formally establishes it as a fiefdom of the Great Kingdom, making Caldni Vir its first marquis in reward for his bravery. (LGG p.36,89; From the Ashes, Atlas p.24)

110 CY

c. 110 CY

  • In the early 100s CY, the cursed sword Druniazth is cast into the Rift Canyon. It remains there for many decades before being discovered by illithid. (LGJ #10 p.96)

111 CY

  • Mirzad the Holy becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)

113 CY

114 CY

  • The explorer Alisedran dies. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.67)

119 CY

  • Viscounty of Verbobonc incorporated into Veluna and the viceroyalty of Ferrond. (LGG p.132)

122 CY

124 CY

  • The construction of the city of Irongate is completed. (LGG p.56)
  • Great Kingdom proposes the annexation of Urnst. Despite a favourable treaty, Urnst rejects the offer. (LGG p.125)

128 CY

  • Fruztii and Schnai form an alliance to create an invasion flotilla. (LGG p.90)
  • In spring, the barbarian fleets attack the port city of Marner. General Ratik successfully defends the city by setting the entrances to the port ablaze. (LGG p.90)

129 CY

  • Banishment of the Sorcerers in Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.21)

130 CY

  • For his defense of Marner two years earlier, General Pelgrave Ratik is made baron of the region. The walled town of Bresht is renamed Ratikhill in his honor. (LGG p.90)

134 CY

  • Overking Toran I deposes the herzog of North Province, replacing him with a member of House Atirr. The death knights Maeril and Farian of Lirtham lose most of their possessions. (LGG p.74; LGJ #7)

c. 150 CY

  • The Rhennee first appear in the Flanaess in the Adri Forest, claiming to come from a world called Rhop. They move west to avoid persecution and travel west toward Greyhawk. (Player's Guide p.35; The Adventure Begins p.58)

152 CY

  • Beroz the Mariner becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)

154 CY

  • Western colonization in Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.21)

155 CY

  • Atirr Aedorich of the Great Kingdom travels to university in Rel Astra when his ship is caught in a squall and driven into the Sinking Isle. He spends the rest of his life investigating the mysterious location. (Greyhawk Adventures p.93)

166 CY

167 CY

168 CY

169 CY

174 CY

  • Murtaree dies in a failed attempt to become a lich. His students continue his work on the Star Cairns. (The Star Cairns p.2)

185 CY

  • The Battle of Kule, the first major offensive of the First Unhuman War. (Dragon Annual #1 p.46)

c. 185 CY

188 CY

  • Kouroz the Cruel becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)

189 CY

  • County of Urnst absorbed into the Great Kingdom in exchange for a vast payment. (LGG p.123,125)
  • Adventurers gather to slay the great red wyrm Harak col Hakul Deshaun, whose name means "he who comes with fire and fury". They find his lair long abandoned. (Dragon #241 p.78)

c. 191 CY

  • Most recent of the Star Cairns built. (Player's Guide p.52)
    • This is contradicted by The Star Cairns p.2, which suggests they were built 169 CY.

193 CY

  • Senate of the County of Urnst disbanded. Suloise nobles select a Duke of Urnst as the realm's ruler. (LGG p.125)
  • Quarry Garden of Jurnre established by Countess Llyra. (Fate of Istus p.27)

196 CY

  • Lorana Kath of Naelax promised to Prince Movanich of Atirr, in the hopes of ending the rift between the houses. Movanich rejects her, and she joins Lord Kargoth's mutiny. (LGJ #7)

198 CY

  • The Baklunish lich Lyzandred uses a potent spell to pull a giant meteor into Oerth's atmosphere. The resulting fireball streaks across the Oljatt Sea, where it causes concern in the Great Kingdom. It strikes the eastern Abbor-Alz, and its shockwaves sabotage an experiment by cadre of Suel wizards in the Star Cairns, forcing them to abandon their research. (Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad p.2)
  • Selvor the Younger observes Lyzandred's meteor, taking it as an omen signifying "wealth, strife, and a living death". He prophecies the coming of an Age of Great Sorrow for the Great Kingdom. (Greyhawk Adventures p.91)

200 CY

  • The grand port city of Leukish established by this date. (LGG p.125, Fate of Istus p.58)

c. 200 CY

  • Around this year, the town of Greyhawk is given walls to protect against bandits from the Cairn Hills. The area later called the Old City is enclosed by these walls. The Grand Citadel is rebuilt as a huge stone fortress and given a substantial garrison. (The Adventure Begins p.58)

c. 200 CY

  • Power of the throne in Rauxes wanes. Viceroys of Ferrond grow increasingly independent in Great Kingdom. (Folio p.10)

201 CY

  • The Shattering of Borka, in which a planet in Greyspace is destroyed by elves with the assistance from their deities, is witnessed by astrologers on Oerth. (Dragon Annual #1 p.46)

203 CY

  • The Order of the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom is shaken by Sir Kargoth’s pact with Demogorgon, when he unleashes a demonic terror upon the Great Kingdom. The abomination is destroyed, but Kargoth sways thirteen other Knight Protectors to follow him. They become the first of the death knights. (LGG p.158)

205 CY

  • Gynarch Jik Jonnosh of Hardby claims all lands within 10 leagues of the coast, conquering and burning pirate-sponsoring villages along the Wild Coast over the next fifteen years. The settlement reaches its zenith, and re-asserts its independence of Greyhawk. (The Adventure Begins p.56,58)

209 CY

  • The Expulsion of Evil. In Greyhawk, the Landgraf of Selintan and commander of the garrison are assassinated by followers of evil deities who resent the town's military presence. The garrison commander's successor, Ponjes the Bull, declares martial law, burns temples of evil gods to the ground, slaughters their worshipers, and seizes their property. (The Adventure Begins p.58)
  • Ponjes the Bull establishes the town council of Greyhawk. Overking Jiranen appoints him the new Landgraf of Selintan. He refuses the honor and instead takes the title of Mayor of Greyhawk. (The Adventure Begins p.58)
  • Mayor Ponjes dedicates his life to rooting out corrupting which impeded trade, beginning a 45-year period of economic growth for the city. Export of textile and salted meat grows, as does treasuring hunting in the nearby Cairn Hills and Abbor-Alz. (The Adventure Begins p.58)
  • The death knights Maeril and Farian of Lirtham attempt to lead an undead army on the city of Delaric. Farian is destroyed by St. Benedor using the Orb of Sol. (LGJ #7)

212 CY

  • Slaughter of the Sea People. (LGJ #5 p.21)

Age of Great Sorrow (c. 213 CY to 437 CY)

Decline of Aerdy, beginning in 213 CY. The Kingdom of Keoland rises in the Sheldomar Valley before retreating to its original borders. The Greyhawk Wars take place. May be considered to end with the Turmoil Between Crowns in 437 CY. (LGG p.24)

213 CY

  • Overking Jiranen of the Great Kingdom dies. His son and heir auctions the position to his cousin Zelcor. An eclipse during his coronation is declared a portent of an Age of Great Sorrow. (LGG p.23)
  • Age of Great Sorrow commences. (Guide p.9)

215 CY

  • By this date, Acererak has built his Tomb of Horrors in the Vast Swamp. The Scarlet Brotherhood's concerns are assuaged when Acererak kills all his slaves and entombs himself. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.4)
  • First appearance of the demigod Wastri, the Hopping Prophet. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.4)

219 CY

220 CY

  • Hardby's raids on the Wild Coast end. Its claim on lands within 10 leagues of the sea is allowed to lapse. (The Adventure Begins p.56)

221 CY

  • The Mother discovered by the Lerara. It is a bright amorphous entity inhabiting the Passage of Slerotin. (Dragon #241 p.45)

223 CY

224 CY

230 CY

  • The Great Kingdom withdraws the garrison from Greyhawk. (The Adventure Begins p.58)
  • The Rhennee become primarily river-dwellers. They find some acceptance in Greyhawk. (The Adventure Begins p.58)

233 CY

237 CY

246 CY

247 CY

252 CY

  • Overking Toran II deposes the Holy Censor of the church of Pholtus, replacing him with a priest of Zilchus. (LGG p.82)
  • A priest of Meyanok infiltrates the inner circle of the prince of the Kunda city-state of Jolan. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.50)

254 CY

  • Furyondy declares independence from the Great Kingdom. After the death of Viceroy Stinvri, his heir Thrommel I is declared king of the realm now known as Furyondy. This leads to small-scale fighting, but no all-out war. Thrommel I is crowned on Flocktime 18, celebrated thereafter as Crowning Day. (LGG p.23,41,46,82,103; Player's Guide p.9; Dragon Annual 4 p.21)
  • In response, the Great Kingdom stations a large force at Greyhawk, and a smaller garrison at Hardby. However, only minor skirmishes with Furyondy occur. (The Adventure Begins p.58)
  • Gynarch Varasia Yragerne declares the title of Gynarch of Hardby to be hereditary in the Family of Yragerne. (Dungeon #109 p.95)
  • End of the 45-year surge of trade in the City of Greyhawk. (The Adventure Begins p.58)
  • Voll, later known as Veluna, also declares sovereignty. (LGG p.129)
  • Nobles north of the Nyr Dyv refuse to acknowledge Thrommel I as their king, but stop short of declaring independence. (LGG p.103-104)

c. 254 CY

  • Following the example of Furyondy and Veluna, Tenh asserts independence from the Great Kingdom. Perrenland likewise re-asserts its independence. (Ivid p.3)
  • Petty barons north of the Nyr Dyv refuse to accept Thrommel I as king. The Great Kingdom's control over these lords wanes. (LGG p.31,103-104)
  • Following the deposition of Pholtus from the Great Kingdom in 242 CY and the independence of Ferrond in 254 CY, the faithful of Pholtus emigrate through Nyrond and settle in the difficult western valleys of the Rakers, which would eventually form the Theocracy of the Pale. (LGG p.82)
  • Karmos, mayor of Dyvers, begins construction on the catacombs extending the limestone caves beneath the city, used primarily as a sewer system. Construction takes two years. (Slavers p.16)

258 CY

  • First Khedivate in Mur. (LGJ #5 p.21)

260 CY

  • Due to conflict with the northern barbarians, the Great Kingdom ceases to oppose Furyondy's independence, though it stops short of making an official acknowledgement. (LGG p.46)

261 CY

  • The Great Kingdom once again withdraws its garrisons from most of the domain of Greyhawk. Landgraf Omt the Hairy is ordered to defend Greyhawk by bringing local militia up to imperial standards. (The Adventure Begins p.58)

277 CY

  • The Great Kingdom withdraws its garrison from Hardby. The people quietly celebrate. (The Adventure Begins p.58; Slavers p.32)
  • A trade alliance of merchants and river folk begins to gain influence over the government of Hardby over the next 200 years. (Slavers p.32)
  • Omt the Hairy has secret talks with representatives of King Thrommel I of Furyondy, seeking to reopen trade. (The Adventure Begins p.58)
  • Zagig Yragerne born. (Slavers p.32; Dungeon #109 p.95)

278 CY

281 CY

283 CY

  • The new city of Chendl is commissioned by King Thrommel. It is the only planned city in the Flanaess, and replaces an older city of Chendl which was located near where Crockport now stands. (Fate of Istus p.83)

285 CY

286 CY

  • King Gillum the Mad of Keoland dies without an heir. The throne is vacant until the following year. (LGG p.65)

287 CY

  • King Tavish I of House Rhola ascends to the throne of Keoland, ending The Slumbering and beginning Keoland's imperial phase. He would later be known as Tavish the Great. (LGG p.65)

287 CY

288 CY

289 CY

  • Keoland invades the Fals Gap. (LGG p.65)

c. 290 CY

  • The Eye of Vecna is instrumental in the downfall of House Hyeric, ruling family of Nyrond. (Book of Artifacts p.35)
  • The Hand of Vecna appears again in the Flanaess. During the reign of Hamoch of Tyrus, a fisherman discovers the hand and keeps it for several decades until he is murdered by his own brother, who is turn robbed of the Hand by the outlaw Mace. Mace uses the Hand's power to overthrow the city of Tyrus and become its ruler, naming himself Vecna the Second. He rules for 100 years until he is killed by a Yemishite assassin. (Book of Artifacts p.35; AD&D 2e revised DMG p.126.)
    • The date of these events are not known with precision. A possible date of 290 CY for the rise of Vecna II is suggested by the unofficial Oerth Journal #1, but it could be up to several centuries earlier.

c. 291 CY

292 CY

294 CY

  • A minor epidemic breaks out in Pregmere. It is healed thanks to clerics of Pelor. (Against the Giants: the Liberation of Geoff p.83)

295 CY

  • Keoland and Ulek invade the Pomarj. (LGG p.88)

c. 297 CY

  • The nation that would become Perrenland begins to form. (Dungeon #145 p.49, "Exag: City of Clay")

299 CY

301 CY

302 CY

303 CY

304 CY

305 CY

  • Highport built upon the foundations of a smaller town. (LGG p.88)
  • Zagig and his adventuring band delve the Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad. Zagig remains for a short time to learn at the lich's feet and gains inspiration that will aid him well in the later construction of his masterpiece, Castle Greyhawk. (Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad p.2)

310 CY

  • By this date, trade in Greyhawk has dropped to increasingly heavy taxes levied by Great Kingdom. Trade with Furyondy almost ceases. (The Adventure Begins p.58)
  • Bandit kings spread across the northern shore of the Nyr Dyv. Monsters appear in the area in concerning numbers. (The Adventure Begins p.58)
  • Brazen Horde conquer Ket. (LGG p.67)
  • Greyhawk becomes a haven for criminals fleeing the Great Kingdom. Its ruling council, now the Oligarchy, has become corrupt. (The Adventure Begins p.58)

c. 310 CY

311 CY

  • An Orb of Dragonkind is discovered and lost by explorers in the Hellfurnaces. (Dragon #230 p.12)

313 CY

316 CY

  • Geoff peacefully incorporated into the Kingdom of Keoland. (LGG p.48)
  • By this year, relations established between the Kingdom of Shar and the northern Suel tribes of Schnai, Fruztii and Cruskii. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.4)
  • Upheaval in the south brings large numbers of refugees from Ull into Ekbir. They are welcomed in refugee camps near the Blashikmund. (LGG p.43)
  • Nomad Intrusion. Two larger bands of nomads enter Ekbir. They overthrow the refugee camp guards, stealing weapons and horses and moving north to raid villages. They evade and disappear into the Yecha Hills. Ekbir closes its borders to large groups of travelers for almost a decade. (LGG p.43)

318 CY

  • Zagig Yragerne, Murlynd, Keoghtom, and the rest of the Company of Seven explore the Flan ruins of Veralos. (Dragon #293 p.90)

320 CY

  • Nomads appear in North. (Guide p.9)
  • 'Outer dependencies of Aerdy gain sovereignty. Perranders, Velunians, Furyondians, and Tenhas each establish independence in a series of minor but bloody wars. (Guide p.9)
  • In summer, anticipating his election as mayor of the city, Zagig Yragerne begins construction of Castle Greyhawk. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.38)

c. 320 CY

  • Zagig Yragerne elected Mayor of the Free City of Greyhawk after bribing the entire ruling Oligarchy. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.38; The Adventure Begins p.59)
  • The Relentless Horde appear in the north of Perrenland. (LGG p.86,95,114)
  • Driven from the southern plains by the Brazen Horde, the Tiger Nomads, Wolf Nomads, and other mixed Oeridian-Baklunish plains nomads are united under the leadership of Kha-Khan Ogobanuk of The Relentless Horde. They gradually move into and claim the steppeland east of the Yatil Mountains, pushing eastward as far as the Griffs. (Guide p.9; LGG p.114)

322 CY

  • Public baths at Innspa constructed by an eccentric hygeine-obsessed wizard. (Dragon #208 p.57)

323 CY

324 CY

326 CY

329 CY

331 CY

  • Keoland changes its coinage standard to match that of the Great Kingdom. (LGG p.19)

333 CY

339 CY

  • Gynarch Eileme Yragerne of Hardby, mother of Zagig Yragerne, dies. (Dungeon #109 p.95)
  • Zagig Yragerne inherits the titles of Landgraf of Selintan and Despot of Hardby, the only male ever to hold the latter. (Dungeon #109 p.93,95)

342 CY

345 CY

346 CY

347 CY

c. 347 CY

  • Tusmit gains its independence. (LGG p.115)

348 CY

  • Tavish the Blackguard makes the Wealsun Proclamation, declaring Keoish supremacy over the Sheldomar Valley, over the objections of his own council. Prince Corond of Ulek refuses to disavow the proclamation. (LGJ #1; LGG p.65,121)

349 CY

350 CY

  • King Tavish II of Keoland uses the Gran March as a staging ground for the Second Expeditionary army, invading Veluna from the southwest. Furyondy fails to send any troops to defend its ally. (LGG p.50,130)
  • The Poor March, later called the Pomarj, is annexed by Keoland. (Dragon #167 p.11)
  • Halfing traveler Pontus Hardiggin begins his forty-year explorations of Oerth. (Greyhawk Adventures p.101)

351 CY

  • Zagig Yragerne relinquishes the title of Despot of Hardby. Annarra Havelos is elected Supreme Gynarch and Despotrix of Hardby by a council of gynarchs. (Dungeon #109 p.95)

353 CY

  • On Coldeven 10, the Yeomanry revolted against Keoland and closed its borders. This date is celebrated in the Yeomanry as Declaration Day. (Dragon Annual 4 p.21)
    • This date may contradict with the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, which cites a date of 361 CY. It may instead be that Yeomanry revolted on more than one occasion.

c. 355 CY

  • Keoland captures Devarnish and captures the Crook of Rao. (LGG p.130)
  • Keolandish armies press into Ket and Veluna, but are later forced out. (Player's Guide to Greyhawk p.10, LGG p.32,64)
  • The secular government of Veluna City flees to Mitrik. Canon Turgen IV of Mitrik enacts the controversial Treaty of Devarnish, ceding several southern fortresses and the Fals Gap to Keoland in exchange for continued independence of Mitrik and Veluna City. (LGG p.130)
  • In the mid-300s CY, the Knights of Holy Shielding are founded to support the lords of the petty domains north of the Nyr Dyv. (LGG p.159)

356 CY

  • Kingdom of Nyrond established when junior branch of Aerdy House Rax-Nyrond declares itself independent of Great Kingdom rule. (Guide p.9-10; LGG p.23,77; Player's Guide p.9)
  • Invasion of northern barbarians into North Province prevents the Great Kingdom from retributive action against Nyrond. (LGG p.14, 90)
  • Theocracy of the Pale and Urnst also secede from Great Kingdom. (Fate of Istus p.47; LGG p.82)
  • Kingdom of Keoland at peak. (Guide p.9)

c. 356 CY

  • Battle of Redspan. Following Nyrond's independence, Tenh likewise declares an end to its fealty to the Great Kingdom. In a battle, Tenha cavalry rout Aerdi forces to Rift Canyon. The ballad Red Road to Rift Canyon is written for it. Many Aerdi choose self-imposed exile to the Bandit Kingdoms rather than return to face the Overking. (LGG p.113)

358 CY

c. 359 CY

  • Emboldened by the Great Kingdom's lack of opposition to its independence, Nyrond annexes the Theocracy of the Pale and burns the capital Wintershiven to the ground. It is later rebuilt 60 miles north. (LGG p.77,82)

360 CY

361 CY

  • Early this year, the Yeomanry closes its borders to Keoland and withdraws its forces from Keoland in protest of Keoish wars of aggression. Celene expels Keoish royal garrisons from its borders. (LGG p.65,135)
  • Princess Yolande of Bellmeadow chosen by the Grand Court of Enstad to lead Celene. (LGG p.39)
  • Celene forces under the command of Triserron, Yolande's consort, best Keoish forces in a number of short engagements. Celene achieves full independence, Yolande elevated to queen of Celene. (LGG p.39,40) (Possible conflict with 461 CY?)
  • In spring, the mad archmage Zagig Yragerne goes for a journey, taking with him a mysterious white crystal ball known as the Orb of the Great Serpent. He wagers it in an extraplanar poker game and wins a massive hoard of treasure, which he uses to pay for construction of Castle Greyhawk. He buries it unused hidden in the Land of Black Ice. (Dragon #230 p.12,14,15)
    • Note: This appears to contradict Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.38, which states that Castle Greyhawk was built in 320 CY. However, it also notes that he expanded the dungeon beneath the keep for the next 100 years.

362 CY

  • Tavish II of Keoland orders the construction of a trade road connecting Thornward, Molvar, and Lopolla. (LGG p.65)

365 CY

  • Tavish II of Keoland abolishes the post of advisor held by the Silent Ones and appoints his own court wizard. Thirty years of conflict break out between the Silent Ones and Keoland's academy of wizardry in Niole Dra. (LGJ #4 p.13)

370 CY

  • Zagig Yragerne becomes increasingly cruel, ill-tempered and powerful. He now appears to be immortal and his magical power is so great that none in the city dare oppose his every rule. (The Adventure Begins p.59)

371 CY

  • Latavius, Oeridian robber-baron and ruler of Rookfoost, dies unexpectedly. He is replaced by his former bodyguard. (Fate of Istus p.3)

372 CY

375 CY

  • The Free City of Greyhawk achieves its first period of greatness under the rulership of Zagig Yragerne. (Player's Guide to Greyhawk p.10)

382 CY

  • Firouz the Dark becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)

c. 386 CY

  • Yrag is born. He would later be raised in secret by archmage Zagig Yragerne. (The Adventure Begins p.114)

390 CY

  • Halfing traveler Pontus Hardiggin completes his explorations of Oerth. He retires to write his memoirs. (Greyhawk Adventures p.101)

c. 390 CY

  • Water elementalist Foltyn comes into possession of the Pyronomicon of Keraptis. He announces his plans to destroy it during Richfest, but fire elementalists attack him in a massive conflaguration seen for miles around and steal the tome. (Dragon #241 p.78)
  • Baronet Mukos of Greyhawk constructs Castle Mukos. (Return to White Plume Mountain p.12)

391 CY

  • The Alliance criminal gang is founded in Dyvers. (Slavers p.9)
  • Cantona founded as a fishing village. (Slavers p.53)

392 CY

  • The death knight Lord Maeril loses the deathblade Astrosus, containing the memories of his brother Farian, in a battle with St. Ceril the Relentless. (LGJ #7)

393 CY

395 CY

  • Tavish II of Keoland dies. Nemonhas refuses the throne, and instead joins the Silent Ones to study magic. Duke Luschan Sellark of House Rhola rules as regent for 19 years. (LGJ #4 p.13)
  • Conflict ends between the Silent Ones and the the Academy of Magic. (LGJ #4 p.13)
  • Zagig Yragerne, mayor of Greyhawk, is now totally insane. He plans the walls surrounding the area which would later be called the New City, but imagines that they will be made of elemental fire, water, or air. (The Adventure Begins p.59)

400 CY

  • Keoland's forces complete their withdrawal to Thornward. They fortify the Fals Gap. (LGG p.65)
  • In Growfest, the insane Mayor Zagig Yragerne attends a council meeting at the Greyhawk accompanied by a captured black dragon, a small army of homunculi, and a flesh golem dressed as the Overking. (The Adventure Begins p.59)
  • Mayor Zagig begins an approximately 20-year period of enacting absurd trivial laws. (The Adventure Begins p.67)

c. 400 CY

403 CY

405 CY

406 CY

  • Zagig captures two advanced intellect devourers and lets them loose in Castle Greyhawk. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.160)

407 CY

  • Knights of Furyondy build a guesting house at Castle Hart to accomodate the signing of a major treaty between Furyondy and the Shield Lands. (Castles, Hart p.2)

412 CY

  • Castle Hart expanded with a new side building to accomodate the servants managing the guesting house. (Castles, Hart p.2)
  • Telveran Pash, apprentice of Zagig, dies in the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.115)

414 CY

  • Duke Luschan, regent of Keoland, dies. His nephew Malv Sellark assumes the throne as Tavish III. He is nicknamed Tavish the Boy King. (LGJ #1 p.13)

415 CY

  • Tavish III promotes Commandant Berlikyn, harsh ruler of Gran March, to be supreme commander of the Gran March, Bissel, and much of Veluna. (LGG p.50,130)

420 CY

  • Halmadar the Cruel begins his conquest of the Shield Lands. Over the next 35 years he goes on to acquire both of the Hand and Eye of Vecna, conquers the region near Delcombon, and lays siege to Critwall. (LGG p.104)
  • The Ship of Fools, built by Zagig Yragerne, is lost en route to Dyvers to deliver Furyondian garden weeds. (Azharadian's Tomb and the Ship of Fools)
    • The article notes that this occurs one week before Zagig's disappearance, which is later established to have taken place in 421 CY. This suggests the ship disappeared in the last week of 420 CY, between Sunsebb 22 and 28.

421 CY

  • On 8 Coldeven, Zagig fails to appear for a meeting of the Oligarchy of the Free City of Greyhawk. He was never seen again. The date is subsequently privately celebrated each year by the Lord Mayor of Greyhawk and the city's directors, who pray that Greyhawk will remain "normal". (The Adventure Begins p.59)
  • The mad archmage Zagig disappears from public life, retreating to his dungeons to conduct research and planar adventuring. Castle Greyhawk eventually falls into ruin. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.39)
  • "Zagig Yragerne, Lord Mayor of the Free City of Greyhawk, utilized the opposing deific powers of nine ensnared divinities to catalyze a daring apotheosis ... to godhood." (Dungeon #150 (Sep 2007), p.120, "Campaign Workbook: The Dungeon—The Godtrap.")

c. 426 CY

  • A rumor spreads that Zagig has left Castle Greyhawk unguarded, leading to a spate of looting. The treasure recovered sparks a second adventuring boom in the Free City of Greyhawk, which quickly becomes a booming economy once again. (The Adventure Begins p.8)
  • The fortress of Sheerwatch constructed in the Rift Canyon. (Iuz the Evil p.46)

430 CY

  • Voorman Perren estblishes the first embassy of Perrenland in Exag. (Dungeon #145 p.52)
  • Castle Greyhawk found to be abandoned but guarded by spells and bizarre creatures. New city walls are built enclosing what would become the New City. (The Adventure Begins p.59)

c. 430 CY

  • Stonehold is founded by Vlek Col Vlekzed. (Folio p.6, From the Ashes p.38)

432 CY

  • Turuvez the Triumphant becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)
  • Following a tragic tainted meat scandal in the city of Greyhawk, the Guild of Butchers is formed to regulate the industry. When it is discovered that the guild has bargaining power, other professions form guilds and pressure the Oligarchy to reduce tax. (The Adventure Begins p.59)

433 CY

434 CY

  • Beginning of the rise of the Sea Princes. (LGJ #1 p.14)

c. 435 CY

  • The Hand of Vecna appears in the Flanaess once again. The Paladin-King of Miro uses the arm, but is corrupted and ultimately destroyed by it. (Book of Artifacts p.35; AD&D 2e revised DMG p.126)
    • The date of this event is not known with precision, and the two official sources disagree as to whether Miro was the name of the Paladin-King or his realm. A possible date of 435 CY is suggested by the unofficial Oerth Journal #1, which suggests Miro's realm was one of the Bandit Kingdoms and that he lived until 450 CY, which would give the warlord Halmadar the Cruel five years or less to acquire the Hand.

436 CY

  • Commandant Berlikyn of Gran March threatens to annex Veluna; Furyondy responds by sending forces to Veluna. Short War (also called the Small War) begins. (LGG p.130)
  • Battle Beneath the Waves. (LGJ #5 p.21)

c. 436 CY

  • Verbobonc attacked by Keoland due to its position as Veluna's primary river port. The Treaty of Devarnish protects Verbobonc from annexation, but much of the western viscounty is occupied by Keolish military. (LGG p.132)

437 CY

  • The Turmoil Between Crowns begins. House Naelax murder Nalif, Overking of the Great Kingdom and assassinates all the scions of House Rax, sparking a series of civil wars which ultimately allows them to take the throne. Naelax assassinates the scions of House Rax. Ivid I, herzog of North Province, stakes a claim the throne, while the herzog of South Province opposes his claim, declaring a rebellion. (Guide p.9, Player's Guide to Greyhawk p.10, LGG p.14,24,93)

438 CY

  • The conclusion of the Short War is fought between Keoland and Furyondy, resulting in the secession of the Keolandish regions of Gran March, Bissel and the Yeomanry. (LGG p 65)
  • Keoland withdraws from Veluna. Keoland's influence over Verbobonc decreases. The church of Rao subsequently wanes in Verbobonc, replaced with the worship of St. Cuthbert. (LGG p.132)
  • Bissel conquered by Furyondy and Veluna. (LGG p.33,46)

441 CY

443 CY

444 CY

  • By this date, the Sea Princes have formed from a confederation of pirates of the Azure Sea and Jeklea Bay. (LGG p.101)

446 CY

  • Early this year, the war shifts in Ivid's favor. Prince Malchim III of House Garesteth, Lord Mayor of Rel Astra, switches loyalty to Ivid, allowing House Naelax armies to enter Rauxes unopposed. (The Cauldron of Night)
  • Assassination of the entire noble House of Rax. Ivid is suspected. Turmoil Between Crowns concluded. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.4)
  • Construction completed on the Malachite Throne. Ivid I finally becomes ruler of the Great Kingdom. He has the old Throne of the Sun smashed and distributed to his soldiers for firewood. (LGG p.74; Dragon #206 p.43; The Cauldron of Night)
  • Excessive taxation and repression leads to a general rebellion in the southern Great Kingdom. This event leads to the foundation of the Iron League. (Guide p.9, Player's Guide p.10; LGG p.24,57)
  • Rel Astra, Ratik and the Bone March have gained semipalatinate status. Alain II of ratik takes the title of Archbaron. (LGG p.90,92)
  • Bandit Kings sack Trigol. (Guide p.9)
  • Rise of the Sea Princes. (Guide p.9)
    • Note that while the original World of Greyhawk Folio lists a date of 447 CY for Iron League, Trigol, and Sea Princes, this is inconsistent with the dates in other calendars (e.g. 5961 SD), and is corrected to 446 CY in the subsequent Box Set (i.e. the Guide).
  • The Sea Princes capture Monmurg. King Tavish III demands their eradication. (LGG p.101)
  • The Concordat of Eademer. After a convention of the Velunese College of Bishops, Veluna votes to secede from Furyondy. (LGG p.130)
  • The wizard Lindaer of Sunndi discovers the tomb of Acererak in the Vast Swamp. He recovers Acererak's Libram, but it is later stolen and changes hands several times. (Dragon #225 p.53)
  • Rebellion begins in the southern Great Kingdom over excessive taxation. (Player's Guide p.10)

447 CY

  • Lord Drax of House Garasteth gains control of Rel Astra, (LGG p.92)
  • South Province rebels against the Great Kingdom. The Glaives Cohort capture Szek Trevellyn's palace in Scant, winning Onnwal's independence from the Great Kingdom. (Dragon #293 p.93; Scant - A City Enslaved)
  • Civil war continues in Irongate and South Province. (LGG p.57)
  • Late this year, Herzog Damalinor declares war on the rebel states. He raises a huge force of privateers comprised largely of vassals and landless princes of his family, offering to grant them recaptured land. (LGG p.57)
  • The Battle of a Thousand Banners takes place. A siege of Irongate is fails due to the city's unmatched defenses. An army of humans, elves and dwarves successfully defeats the attackers before hunting down fleeing enemies. (LGG p.57)
  • Inspired by the defense of Irongate, the Lordship of the Isles, Onnwall, Idee, and Sunndi join Irongate in declaring indepdendence from the Great Kingdom. (LGG p.57,71)
  • Late this year, the Iron League is formed as an alliance of Irongate, Onnwal, and Idee. The Iron League allies itself with Nyrond. (LGG p.24,57-58)
    • This appears to contradict From the Ashes, Atlas p.46, which says that Irongate "was an eager founding member of the Iron League in 446 CY". Living Greyhawk Gazetteer rather asserts that the rebellion was merely instigated in 446 CY, and the alliance was not formalized until late 447 CY.

448 CY

449 CY

  • University of Rauxes sacked, destroying all imperial records of the war. (Wars, Adventure Book p.4)
  • House Darmen backs Ivid's claim the the throne. (Ivid p.4)
  • In Harvester, House Darmen suddenly sacks Rel Deven. (Ivid p.4)

450 CY

  • In Planting, all noble houses of the Great Kingdom agree to accept Ivid I as Overking. (Ivid p.4)
  • In Harvester, King Dunstan I the Crafty of Nyrond calls the Great Council of Rel Mord, holding six weeks of negotiation with neighboring realms. The County of Urnst and the Pale gain independence. Nyrond's rise begins. (LGG p.77,78,82; Player's Guide to Greyhawk p.6, Dragon Annual 4 p.21)
    • Dragon Annual 4, p.21, gives the final date of the council meeting as Coldeven 19. This is inconsistent with the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, which says they lasted six weeks from Harvester, as Coldeven is six months after Harvester.
  • Pest's Crossing is founded when the thief [[[Sezon the Pest]] establishes a fordacross the Blue Oyt River. A village grows at the crossing. (Against the Giants: the Liberation of Geoff p.56)
  • Battle of Gorna in the Stark Mounds. A curse levied by archmage Vargalian causes the rise of numerous swordwraiths. Surviving undead left over from the battle remain a problem for over 150 years. (LGG p.146; LGJ #3 p.25)
  • Spies from Keoland discover the poisoned corpse of Keoish nobleman Dartun Dasco beneath the Duke of Geoff's castle, triggering a series of events leading to war. (LGG p.48)
  • A Keoish spy discovers the dessicated, poisoned corpse of royal messenger Dartun Desco, who had previously disappeared while requesting troops from Duke Arnod II of Geoff for the Short War in 438 CY. It triggers a series of events which would ultimately leads to a brief war between Keoland and Geoff. (LGG p.48)

c. 450 CY

  • A brief conflict is fought between Keoland and the Duchy of Geoff. (Folio p.10)
  • In the mid-5th century CY, Prince Erkin units the Drachensgrab territories. After journeying to Mount Drachenkopf, Baron Erkin makes a pact with the Earth Dragon for supernatural power, conquering the realm and declaring himself king within five years. He is assassinated after a brief reign and is succeeded by his brother Bretwalda. (Slavers p.92,120)

453 CY

455 CY

  • Sunndi joins the Iron League. (Player's Guide to Greyhawk p.10, LGG p.58)
  • Imperial troops of the Great Kingdom attempt to invade Sunndi, but are repelled by the dwarves of Glorvardum, who later form an enduring alliance with Sunndi. (Glorvardum)
  • Halmadar the Cruel, warlord who possesses Hand and Eye of Vecna, is drugged by his own followers and interred alive in the Kron Hills. Despite starvation, the Hand and Eye of Vecna do not allow him to die. Both relics are thus effectively removed from the Flanaess for the next 126 years. (LGG p.104; Vecna Lives! p.9)

460 CY

  • Archmage Iggwilv first appears in Perrenland. (Dragon #225 p.51; Return of the Eight p.55)

461 CY

  • Demi-human realms of Ulek and Celene are effected. Ulek and Celene sever formal ties with Keoland. The Ulek states gain full autonomy. (LGG p.66; Guide p.9)
    • Note: This event is incorrectly corrected to "affected" in the Box Set. "Effected" is correct usage here.
  • The dwarven Prince of Ulek takes Pomarj from Keoland, claiming it as a protectorate. (Dragon #167 p.11)

463 CY

  • Muktar the Crafty becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)
  • Barons of the Poor March (later Pomarj) declare themselves the Free Lords of the Poor March. Highport established as capital, and flourishes under the House of Bilarro for the next half century.(Highport: City of Chains)

464 CY

465 CY

  • The small fishing village of Saltmarsh is founded in the southern Viscounty of Salinmoor, in the Kingdom of Keoland. (D&D 3e DMG2 p.121)

470 CY

  • Theodain Eraison's father dies, leaving a substantial inheritance. Theodain uses the money to become a wizard, pursuing dreams of being an adventurer. (Return of the Eight p.60)

474 CY

  • Khedivate of Mur granted autonomy from Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.21)

476 CY

  • On Reaping 10, Veluna secedes from Furyondy. It is celebrated as the Holy Day of Serenity as a day of worship of Rao. (Dragon Annual 4 p.21)

477 CY

  • On Harvester 13, Margrave Roll of Bissel officially declares independence from Furyondy. It is celebrated thereafter as Rollo's Day. (LGG p.33; Dragon Annual 4 p.21)

479 CY

  • Iuz's adoptive father, a petty lord north of Whyestil Lake, dies. Iuz assumes rulership his estate in the Howling Hills and begins conquering nearby realms. (LGG p.14,47; Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.219; Return of the Eight p.55)
  • Might of Iuz grows. Humanoid invasions become common. (Guide p.9)

480 CY

  • Iggwilv attacks Perrenland from her Lost Caverns in the Yatils. (LGG p.86)

481 CY

  • Iggwilv begins her enslavement of Perrenland. The nobility flee to the realm's embassy in Exag. (LGG p.86; Dungeon #145 p.49))

488 CY

  • King Tavish IV of Keoland dies, ending Keoland's imperial period. He is succeeded by Nyhan the Listless of House Neheli. (LGG p.66; LGJ #1)

c. 488 CY

  • A paranoid Suloise mage settles in the the town of Cantona and constructs his magically-protected fortification. His magical wards warp and fail over decades, resulting in a region where magic is unreliable. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.58)

489 CY

  • Kamuran the Fortunate becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)
  • Scarlet Brotherhood in the Tilvanot Peninsula invaded by unknown forces. It is later expunged from ther Brotherhood's official histories. (Fate of Istus p.105)

491 CY

  • Iggwilv's reign of terror in Perrenland ends when she is defeated by a demon prince she summoned. Perrenland overthrows her rule and destroys her minions. A two-year famine begins. (LGG p.86)
  • Irith Van orders the construction of Hesuel Ilshar, headquarters of the Scarlet Brotherhood. (Fate of Istus p.105)
  • The Telless ve Turu Decada, a secret society dedicated to halting the spread of evil, is founded. (Dragon #256, p.50)

c. 491 CY

492 CY

494 CY

  • Overking Ivid I dies after 48 years on the throne. He is assassinated by his son, who succeeds him on the throne as Ivid II. (Wars p.5)

c. 495 CY

  • The Cairn Hills town of Diamond Lake hosts an order of monks, preoccupied with astronomy, at the Diamond Lake Observatory. (Dungeon #124.40, p.63)
  • The City of Greyhawk nationalizes the Cairn Hills smelting trade. (Dungeon #124.62)
  • The Suloise mage Valterra settles in Cantona. His spells of protection will eventually go awry interfere with magic use throughout the entire town. (Slavers p.53)

c. 496 CY

  • First known outbreak of the Red Death plague in the Flanaess. (WG8)
  • Plague wipes out a quarter of the population of the Viscounty of Salinmoor. (LGJ #1 p.16)

497 CY

498 CY

  • Greyhawk becomes a free city. It severs its ties with the Great Kingdom, in part due to the negative assocation of the line of cruel Overkings Ivid. (The Adventure Begins p.59-60,64; LGG p.52)
  • County of Urnst becomes palatinate under the Duchy of Urnst. (Guide p.9)
  • Hateful Wars begin. Orcs and other humanoids are driven out of the Lortmils by neighboring realms. (Folio p.14; Dragon #167 p.10,11; Slavers p.120)
  • Landstadt of Selintan is abolished. Hardby's full autonomy is restored. (Dungeon #109 p.95)

499 CY

  • Ket besieges Thornward for a year. (LGG p.33)
  • Bakhoury subjugation begins in Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.21)

500 CY

  • By this date, Iuz the Old controls the lands north of Lake Wyestil. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.219)

501 CY

  • Wastri the Hopping Prophet disappears. He would not reappear for at least a decade. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.4)
  • Witch hunts begin in Salinmoor, Keoland]. The governing House of Secunforth fail to interfere to prevent it, and many innocent people are killed. (LGJ #1 p.17)

c. 501 CY

  • Zagig Yragerne secretly returns to Greyhawk, under the name Zagyg. (The Adventure Begins p.75)

502 CY

  • Witch in Salinmoor finally subside. (LGJ #1 p.17)

503 CY

504 CY

505 CY

  • Threat posed by Iuz causes political split among Furyondy's. They divide into the Great Lords of the south, who wish to leverage the threat to secede from the king's control; the Order of the Hart, which unify to oppose Iuz's raids; and King Avris III himself, who seeks to somehow appease both sides. (Wars, Adventure Book p.3)
  • Zuoken stops manifesting to his faithful. He is imprisoned by Zagig. (LGG p.190; Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.23)
  • Iuz imprisoned by Zagig Yragerne. (LGG p.14,62)
  • Heward assists in the capture of Iuz. He is not seen since. (The Adventure Begins p.125)
  • Zagig uses nine trapped demigods to ascend to divinity, becoming the demigod Zagyg. The trapped demigods remain imprisoned, and Zagyg is not seen again. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.39)

506 CY

  • Siege of Jurnre. (Fate of Istus p.25)

508 CY

  • Fire in Rel Mord destroys much of a crowded area of residences in the western commoners' district. Over 500 die, and during the clean up that followed laborer crews complain of hauntings and strange events which lead to the area being abandoned.(Fate of Istus p.16)

509 CY

510 CY

511 CY

  • Two thousand trolls besiege Dour Pentress for over three months. (Iuz the Evil p.70)
  • Strengthened by its international ties, the Scarlet Brotherhood first turns its attention to the political turmoil in the Great Kingdom. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.4)

512 CY

513 CY

  • Rise of the Horned Society, formed by landholders rebelling against the lands of Iuz after his disappearance. (Guide p.9, LGG p.31,62,156)
  • Humanoids take the Pomarj. Orcs and goblins emerge from the Suss Forest and sack Highport. With months they have conquered most of the Pomarj. (Guide p.9, LGG p.88; Player's Guide p.10; Dragon #167 p.11)
  • Night of the Bloody Spear. On Planting 11th, orcs attack Highport. The city successfully defends against five waves of attacks, but a sixth wave just before midnight breaches the gates. The city is left in ruins, and reopened by orcs as a trade port for over 50 years. (Slavers p.89)
  • The human city of Suderham in the Pomarj survives. It remains a safe haven for over sixty years. (Slavers p.120)
  • Large numbers of Wild Coast half-orcs come to the Free City of Greyhawk, unable to find acceptance in the orc-dominated Pomarj. (The Adventure Begins p.69)
  • Refugees from the Pomarj arrive in Hardby and begin to gain political control. They later form the Hardby Merchant's Alliance. (LGJ #1 p.26)

514 CY

  • The Crescent League, a secret society of warriors, is founded by refugees from the Pomarj. (Dragon #256 p.47)]
  • Dwarvish sage Jeremiah Longsight analyzes the shooting star of 198 CY and calculates where it landed. (Greyhawk Adventures p.91)

515 CY

  • Battle of Opicm River. (LGG p.95)
  • A ship of Duxchan sinks, carrying thousands of gold pieces worth of pearls and precious metals. (Dragon #206 p.40)

516 CY

517 CY

519 CY

  • The dwarven clan of Highforge in Irongate establishes Azak-Zil, a mining operation at the site of impact of the shooting star of 198 CY. Metal markets are disrupted as far away as Rauxes. (Greyhawk Adventures p.91)

520 CY

  • Frost Barbarian chieftain Hradji Beartooth sets off in search of the city of Skrellingshald, also known the ancient flan city of Tostenhca. He returns loaded with golden spheres. Most of the survivors of his expedition die within the year. (Greyhawk Adventures p.92-93)
  • Pirates begin operating along the Bright Desert coast, Wooly Bay, Relmor Bay and Azure Sea, especially the orcs of the Pomarj. Merchant ships are routinely accompanied by military vessels for safety (often privateers paid by port towns, who themselves take part in piracy). Piracy continues in this manner until the end of the Greyhawk Wars in 584 CY, when it began to decline. (Slavers p.38)

521 CY

522 CY

  • Belvor III, son of King Avras, becomes king of Furyondy. He is able to reunify the factions which had divided the nobility in 505 CY. (Wars, Adventure Book p.3,25)
    • This is contradicted by the Folio p.9, which has Thrommel II reign in 526 CY.
  • Castle Hart repaired after surviving a major siege by the Horned Society. A fortified port is added and the old barracks are expanded and fortified. No enemy has taken it since. (Castles, Hart p.2)

524 CY

  • Elven mage thief Sylvanon Sunshimmer steal's Slerotin's Manifesto. It is soon stolen from him by another thief. (Dragon #241 p.80)
  • Contact is lost with the dwarven mining operation at Azak-Zil. Attempts are made to rediscover the site, but it is eventually abandoned by the dwarves and believed cursed. (Greyhawk Adventures p.91)

525 CY

  • Tenser born in the city of Fax. (Return of the Eight p.58)
  • A mine collapses near Diamond Lake, Cairn Hills. Over 300 miners die in the disaster. (Dungeon #124 p.62)

526 CY

  • On Flocktime 5, Dyvers declares independence from Furyondy. King Thrommel II accepts. (LGG p.41, Dragon Annual 4 p.21)

527 CY

c. 528 CY

529 CY

  • Last heir to the line of Iolavai marries into the Silverfox family. (LGJ #4 p.7)
  • Gelvin Torlar finally agrees to sell the Nethertome to an unknown buyer. (Dragon #225 p.52)

530 CY

  • Selim the Scoundrel becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)

c. 530 CY

  • Denizens of the underworld begin digging a spiral stairway upward into the Tower of War in Castle Greyhawk, as part of a plot to overthrow it. (Greyhawk Ruins p.10)
  • The Sea Princes arrive in the Amedio Jungle. They explore the Olman Islands and begin trading the people of the Amedio as slaves. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.63)

531 CY

532 CY

533 CY

  • Internal conflict erupts within the Greyhawk Guild of Thieves, lasting nearly two years. The guild is weakened, allowing the Beggar's Union to rise in power. (LGJ #17)

534 CY

c. 534 CY

c. 535 CY

  • Following the internal struggle in the Guild of Thieves of the City of Greyhawk, the winning faction institutes reforms. The son of the former leader, Yavos the Younger, institutes a system of charging protection money to merchants, protecting them against non-guild thieves in exchange. (The Adventures Begins p.60)
  • A group of Greyhawk thieves are ordered to assassinate priests and thieves of the god Kurell who survived the guild conflict in 533 CY by fleeing to Dyvers. The thieves form the Guild of Assassins. They later become an independent entity. (The Adventure Begins p.60)
  • Karellford appointed a royal protectorate of Ivid IV. Its previous owner is burned at the stake on trumped-up charges of treason, but curses the town which remains for over 50 years. (Ivid p.41)

537 CY

  • King Belvor III of Furyondy dies after a 15 year reign. The Hierarchs of the Horned Society claim responsibility, but a commission of spellcasters led by Lord Throstin of the Hart determines that he died of natural causes. (Wars, Adventure Book p.25)
  • Belvor IV assumes throne of Furyondy. (LGG p.47)

538 CY

  • Nystul born. (LGJ #0 p.10)
  • Otto born. (LGJ #0 p.10)
  • The town of Hocholve in Geoff is built as a fort to defend against the creatures of the Dim Forest. (Against the Giants: the Liberation of Geoff p.50)

539 CY

540 CY

541 CY

546 CY

  • Earliest possible date Obmi is enslaved by Snurre. (G1-2-3 Against the Giants p.20; Against the Giants: the Liberation of Geoff p.2)

548 CY

549 CY

550 CY

c. 550 CY

  • By this date, the mountain dwarf Obmi is enslaved by the fire giant king Snurre Ironbelly of the Hellfurnaces. (G1-2-3 Against the Giants p.20; Against the Giants: the Liberation of Geoff p.2)

551 CY

552 CY

553 CY

  • Alhamazad the Wise suffers a broken leg when exploring the Pinnacles of Azor'alq, and retires to the city of Zeif thereafter. (LGJ #0 p.7)

554 CY

  • Murad the Proud becomes Sultan of Zeif. (LGJ #5 p.20)

c. 555 CY

  • Chelor, cousin of the Overking, is appointed Herzog of South Province. (LGG p.58, Ivid the Undying p.128)
  • Mother Storanna, later the high priestess of Pelor in Hardby, first comes to live in the city. (Slavers p.36)
  • By this date, Obmi is granted his freedom by fire giant king Snurre Ironbelly, and continues to serve him as an advisor. (G1-2-3 Against the Giants p.20; Against the Giants: the Liberation of Geoff p.2)

556 CY

  • Ivid V ascends to the Malachite Throne after assassinating 123 siblings. (LGG p.24; Wars p.26)
  • Ivid V bans all foreign advisors. Spies of the Scarlet Brotherhood are cast out from the court of the Great Kingdom for the first time since the reign of Ivid II. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.5)
  • Monsters from the Hanging Glacier of Alisedran attack the Schnai barbarians, part of a regular 20 year cycle. (Rumors and Whispers of the Flanaess)
  • In Growfest, riverfolk discover a bronzewood casket containing the preserved body of a halfling and clad in much treasure. They take a piece of the treasure as per custom and bury it in a secret place. (Greyhawk Adventures p.101)

557 CY

c. 557 CY

559 CY

  • Agents of the Scarlet Brotherhood encourage the humanoids of the Raker mountain range to invade the Bone March. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.5)

560 CY

  • In Spring, following years of small-scale raids, savage humanoids begin to invade the Bone March. A full-scale invasion occurs the following year. (Player's Guide to Greyhawk p.5,10; LGG p.36; The Scarlet Brotherhood p.5)

561 CY

  • Mordenkainen founds the adventuring group known as the Citadel of Eight. He is inspired by Zagig's Company of Seven. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.9)
  • Lord Robilar builds the Green Dragon Inn, funded by treasure looted from Castle Greyhawk. Ricard Damaris retires from adventuring to become its proprietor. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.14,15)
  • Full-scale invasion of the Bonae March. Orcs and gnolls emerge en masse from the Rakers and sweep across the Bone March. (Folio p.9; Dragon #293 p.88)
  • The rogue wizard Murq kidnaps forty children from the Free City of Greyhawk's nobility. Their fate is unknown. (The Adventure Begins p.61)

562 CY

563 CY

564 CY

  • King Trevlyan III of Keoland dies without an heir. Kimbertos Skotti, Duke of Grayhill, is elected to succeed him. Nicknamed Kimbertos the Commoner, he is the first of House Lizhal to ascend to the throne. (LGG p.66)
  • Latmac Ranold of Duxchan becomes new prince of the Lordship of the Isles. (LGG p.71)

c. 564 CY

565 CY

566 CY

568 CY

569 CY

  • Battle of Emridy Meadows. Prince Thrommel of Furyondy leads an army to defeat the Horde of Elemental Evil. (LGG p.15,130; Slavers p.6)
  • Horde of Elemental Evil scattered. Temple of Elemental Evil is destroyed. (LGG p.15,130; Slavers p.6)
  • Serten of the Citadel of Eight is killed at the Battle of Emridy Meadows, the only member of the group to take up arms against the Temple of Elemental Evil. The resulting dispute leads to the dissolution of the Citadel of Eight. (LGJ #0 p.5)
  • Stalman Klim, high priest of the Earth Dragon cult in Suderham, leaves the city. (Slavers p.121)
  • Tika Town established as a camp for a copper mine. It is founded in part by veterans of the Battle of Emridy Meadows. (Against the Giants: the Liberation of Geoff p.80)

570 CY

  • Return of Iuz. Mordenkainen gifts the Blade of Black Ice to Lord Robilar and subtly encourages him to slay Iuz, who is imprisoned beneath Castle Greyhawk. Robilar, Riggby, Tenser and Quij free Iuz, but they fail to slay him and he escapes. Lord Robilar is exiled from the city of Greyhawk. (LGG p.15; Player's Guide p.24; Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.10,14,39,219; Epic Level Handbook p.307)
  • In addition to Iuz, Wastri and seven other demigods imprisoned beneath Castle Greyhawk are also released. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.5)
  • Iuz returns to rule in Dorakaa. He punishes those who made changes in his absence by having them killed and using them in the construction of the Road of Skulls. (LGG p.62)
  • Two decades of skirmishing along the Ritensa River finally end. (LGG p.104)
  • The skeptical Justinian becomes Duke of Urnst. His hostility toward organized religion, including a 300% increase to temple tax, sparks to the Temple Coalition Revolt. (LGG p.125)
  • Drow exile Tysiln San becomes apprentice and lover of Jaran Krimeeah in the Valley of the Mage. (Dragon #241 p.75)
  • The extremely fat mage Oswalden buys the town of Carnifand. (Ivid p.83)
  • Master thief Nerof Gasgol becomes Lord Mayor of the Free City of Greyhawk at the age of 30. (The Adventure Begins p.61,62)

c. 570 CY

  • The first False Keraptis dies. (Return to White Plume Mountain p.4)

571 CY

  • In Fireseek, Mordenkainen founds the Circle of Eight. Its initial members are Bigby, Otto, Rary, Nystul, Drawmij, Bucknard, and two others. (LGJ #0 p.6)
  • Most churches withdraw from the Duchy of Urnst after Duke Justinian burns down the Temple of Zilchus for refusal to pay higher taxes. He dies in battle later that year when no cleric will heal him. (LGG p.125)
  • Warnes Starcoat foils a plot by Nyrondese nobles against the County of Urnst. He is appointed to the Joint Courts of Urnst. (Return of the Eight p.59)
  • A fire burns part of the Celadon Forest. (LGG p.139)
  • Theobald, leader of the Greyhawk Beggars' Union, seeks to increase his power in the city. He secretly has beggars trained as unlicensed thieves, inviting conflict with the Guild of Thieves. (LGJ #17)
  • In Harvester, the Greyhawk Guild of Thieves responds to the death of a member by crushing the Beggar's Union in a raid on its headquarters. Dozens of beggars are killed, part of the Old City is accidentally burned down, Theobald is ousted. Peaceful co-operation between the Guild and the Union is restored. (LGJ #17; The Adventure Begins p.61)

572 CY

  • Karll succeeds his younger brother Justinian as Duke of Urnst. An archmage known as the Seer is expelled from court. (LGG p.125,126)
  • The Battle of Medegia is fought between the Sea Barons and the Lordship of the Isles. The Sea Barons are victorious. (LGG p.71,100)
  • Arentol, Guildmaster of the Greyhawk Guild of Thieves, dies of natural causes. Org Nenshen, a close friend of Lord Mayor Nerof Gasgal, becomes the new Guildmaster. (The Adventure Begins p.61)
  • The Seer expelled from the court of Duchy of Urnst. (LGG p.126)

c. 572 CY

  • Mordenkainen meets Alhamazad the Wise during a crisis in Zeif, becoming strong allies. Alzahamad's traitorous apprentice flees. (LGJ #0 p.7)
  • Mizaab Zalen last seen in Greyhawk. His estate, Greymanor, is inherited by his relative, the merchant Sturtevant. (The Adventure Begins p.83)

573 CY

  • Scarlet Brotherhood first reported and "contact is made" in cities of the Iron League by "sages from the Land of Purity ... offering their services". (Guide p.9, Player's Guide to Greyhawk p.10, LGG p.96, Scarlet Brotherhood, p.5)
  • Prince Thrommel of Furyondy/Provost of Veluna kidnapped. (Guide p.9, LGG p.130)
  • Prince Jeon assumes the throne of the Sea Princes. (LGG p.101)
  • Bigby forced from his tower in Oldridge after conflict with the two-headed lich Xaene. (LGJ #0 p.8)

c. 573 CY

  • Stalman Klim founds "The Nine", later known as the Slavelords. (Slavers p.121)

574 CY

  • Tenser joins the Circle of Eight. (LGJ #0 p.6)
  • Warnes Starcoat rises to fame when he defeats the Weird, a creature terrorizing the Gnatmarsh. (Return of the Eight p.59)
  • Greyhawk Guild of Assassins hired to kill an insane wizard who threatens the city. A mezzoloth is summoned to avenge him, killing the entire upper hierarchy of the guild. Turin Deathstalker and Gundri Garraldson survive. (The Adventure Begins p.62,126-127)
  • Turin Deathstalker joins the City of Greyhawk's ruling Oligarchy and works on expanding his guild's intelligence-gathering capabilities. (The Adventure Begins p.62)
  • Stalman Klim returns to Suderham with the Slavelords, the first person to return to the city alive in 62 years. (Slavers p.121)

575 CY

  • Warnes Starcoat defeats the sorceress Weird of Gnatmarsh. He claims the legendary Starcoat from which he gains his current name. (LGJ #0 p.11)
  • Ratik defeats an army of humanoids. (Dragon #57 p.14)
  • The River of Blood murders are stopped after Robilar and Yrag confront Bluto Sans Pite. The two are ennobled soon after. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.94)
  • Slavelords overthrow king of Suderham. When King Rodric refuses to support Stalman Klim's schemes, Klim has him assassinated and installs the Nine in his stead, claiming to the people that King Rodric had committed blasphemy. (Slavers p.120-121)
  • Duke Ehyeh II of Tenh begins a two-year campaign to clear the Troll Fens and border area on the west bank of the Yol River. (Dragon #56 p.21)
  • People's Constables first appointed in the City of Greyhawk to deal with minor crimes. Most members are of the Thieves' Guild. They begin enforcing Zagig's trivial laws. (The City of Greyhawk, FFF p. 14)
  • Scarlet Brotherhood arrive in Zar in Hepmonaland, where they meet a primitive society of Sulose inhabitants. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.55)
  • Mordenkainen helps a group of cloud giants destroy a flight of evil dragons. (The City of Greyhawk, FFF p. 22)

c. 575 CY

  • Circle of Eight quietly sponsors adventurers to sack Iggwilv's former headquarters in the Tsojcanth Caverns. (LGJ #0 p.6)

576 CY

  • The plague known as the Red Death sweeps across the Flanaess. (Dungeon #124 p.36)
  • Guide to the World of Greyhawk completed. The Savant-Sage completes his famous work, consisting of at least two other volumes which are eventually lost. (Guide p.9; Glossography p.2)
  • Leomund retires from the Circle of Eight. (The Adventure Begins p.60)
  • Otiluke joins the Circle of Eight, replacing Leomund. (LGJ #0 p.6; The Adventure Begins p.60)
  • Theodain Eraison enters the the Passage of Slerotin during his explorations of the Hellfurnaces. (Return of the Eight p.60)
    • This appears to contradict Dragon #241 which dates the rediscovery to 577 CY. However, Return of the Eight does note that Theodain was one of the first to enter the tunnel; perhaps the discovery was not formally recognized until the following year.
  • Warnes Starcoat appointed Chief Sorcerous Councilor to Duke Karll of Urnst, replacing The Seer after his disappearance. (LGJ #0 p.11)
  • Shadows attack the sage Warfel VI and steal the Pyronomicon of Keraptis. (Dragon #241 p.78)
  • 1,000 year anniversary of the founding of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Their millennialist faction, following the prophecies of the martyred heretic Huro, believe a miracle will occur which purifies and strengthens the Brotherhood. It fails to occur, resulting in the decline of the millennialist faction. (Fate of Istus p.110; The Scarlet Brotherhood p.17)
  • Monsters from the Hanging Glacier of Alisedran attack the Schnai barbarians, part of a regular 20 year cycle. (Rumors and Whispers of the Flanaess)
  • Slavelords begin to terrorize the Pomarj coast. (Slavers p.120)

c. 576 CY

  • Keoish coastal town of Saltmarsh threatened by sahuagin. (See events of U1-U3 and Ghosts of Saltmarsh)

577 CY

  • Lord Zeech breaks away from the the Shield Lands and joins the Bandit Kingdoms, forming the Principality of Redhand. (LGG p.27,102)
  • Prince Jeon proposes that the Sea Princes end the practice of slavery. His proposal fails to gain ground. (LGG p.101)
  • Herzog Chelor III of South Province occupies the east bank of the Thelly River, securing control of local petty nobles. (Dragon #57 p.15)
  • Forces of Herzog Chelor of South Province crosses the Thelly River and invades Sunndi, but only succeeds in seizing its northern frontiers. (LGG p.111,141)
  • Onnwal fights several naval battles. (Dragon #57 p.16)
  • Passage of Slerotin rediscovered. Bigby rediscovers Slerotin's Manifesto in a temple of Wee Jas in Scant. It is subsequently suspected to have been taken by the Scarlet Brotherhood. (Dragon #241 p.45,80)
  • Iuz the Old orders the construction of a fleet of 40 galleys at Dorakaa. (Dragon #56 p.19)
  • A conclave of the Rovers of the Barrens stage a great beast hunt, during which a census is taken of their numbers. (Dragon #56 p.22)
  • The Snow Barbarians and Ice Barbarians agree on a treaty, with the latter regaining their southern harbors in exchange for a greater share of plunder from the summer raiding season. (Dragon #57 p.14)
  • The Holy Censor of Medegia reluctantly declares obedience to the Malachite Throne. Medegia's machinations frequently sap the strength of the Overking. (Dragon #63 p.16)
  • Duke Ehyeh II of Tenh is slain in battle. His people, under Marshal Iaba, succeed in his stead and secure the Duchy on both sides. (Dragon #56 p.21)
  • Archmage Marinian of Willip lost without trace adventuring in Blackmoor. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.23)
  • The Royal Mint of Nyrond moved from the capital of Rel Mord to Womtham, nearer the source of coinage metals. The old Royal Minting House becomes a dormitory and almshouse for the poor. (The Marklands p.77)
  • The Archbarony of Ratik suffers a manpower shortage. The Volunteer Borderers are formed. (Dragon #57 p.14)
  • Pietain Morvannis retires from a disastrous career as a privateer and arrives in the City of Greyhawk, where he becomes a gladiator at the Pit. He subsequently becomes manager of the Pit. (The City of Greyhawk, FFF p. 67)

578 CY

  • Seuvord Redbeard is named Rhelt Seuvord I of Stonehold. (Dragon #57 p.14)
  • King Ralff II of the Fruztii establishes a new standing army, led by Fruztii veterans returning from mercenary work for the Sea Barons. (Dragon #57 p.14)
  • Lord Captain Aldusc of the Sea Barons leads a convoy to Bellport, which begins to deploy along the coast. (Dragon #63 p.15)
  • Battle of the Loftwood. In summer, the Volunteer Borderers of Ratik spot the invading orc tribe of Vile Rune, allowing them to prepare an ambush. The Battle of the Loftwood takes place, a resounding success for Ratik. (Dragon #57 p.14,15; LGG p.141)
  • A three-day storm in the isles of the Sea Barons is nicknamed Hurricane Ivid. (Dragon #206 p.36)
  • Tenser begins mining Oerthblood in the Endless Well using golems and machinery, but it would take six more years to recover a useable sample. (Return of the Eight p.47)
  • Purge of Ceshra. (LGJ #5 p.21)
  • The merchant vessels Marntig and Solos are sunk by Schnai raiders. Fire from the burning ships alerts nearby war ships of the Sea Barons. They ram and sink three of the seven Schnai longships and capture the flagship in hand-to-hand combat, with the help of captured prisoners who break free and set the sail alight to prevent its escape. (Dragon #63 p.16)
  • Gnolls massacre the village of Gannaway in Berghof, leaving a haunted ruin. (The Duchy of Berghof)
  • The Fellowship of the Torch adventuring party first meet in the City of Greyhawk when they respond to a job posting by Tigran Gellner. (The City of Greyhawk, FFF p. 71)
  • Assassin Turin Deathstalker purchases Turin's Servant Agency, offering butlers, maids, cooks, laborers and servants for hire. (The Adventure Begins p.116)
  • Duke Cedrian III ends the practice by which visitors to Barony of Dilwych are forced to kiss the hand of the preserved cadaver of the former baron. The Bishop of Dilwych buries the corpse in the dead of night for the sake of decency. (LGJ #1 p.16)

Great Kingdom

  • In late Needfest, Nyrond, Almor, and their allies declare war on the Great Kingdom and its satellite states. (Dragon #65 p.77)
  • Naval forces of the Great Kingdom and Nyrond skirmish in Relmor Bay. (From the Ashes, Timeline)
  • Gahru's Folly. An army of Medegia, led by Captain Gahru of the Censorial Army, is ambushed and wiped out in the Grandwood Forest. In Wealsun, stragglers bring the survival rate to 30%. (Dragon #63 p.17)
  • Minor naval skirmishes occur along the coast of North Province and on the northern Island of Asperdi. (Dragon #63 p.16)
  • In autumn, a council is held in Onnwal at Killdeer. The dwarves and gnomes of the Headlands pledge to fight to protect Irongate. (Dragon #57 p.16)
  • Peak of Wastri's campaign against Sunndi from the Great Swamp, in which all non-humans are slain. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.5)
  • Herzog Chelor III of South Province personally takes the field in Sunndi, capturing the land between the Grayflood River and Rieuwood. A major battle takes place in the Rieuwood. (LGG p.111,141)
  • Under the command of General Reynard, Chelor's army crosses the northern Hollow Highlands, but the invasion is largely blocked by an army of around 20,000 men. (LGG p.111)
  • Herzog Chelor III masses an army around Zelradton, but they are forced back to the north. He responds by wintering at Zelradton to amass his forces, with the plan to march on Idee and crush to Iron League. (Dragon #57 p.15)
  • Naval battles fought in Onnwal. (Dragon #56 p.16)

Bandit Kingdoms

  • In Needfest, Ehyeh III is crowned Duke of Tenh. He is more warlike than his father. (Dragon #56 p.21)
  • In spring, Iuz sends forces to conquer the Wolf Nomad city of Eru-Tovar. In the month of Wealsun they begin a siege lasting ten weeks, but in-fighting and mutiny among Iuz's forces impedes their success. The siege is relieved by Tarkhan Bargru. (Dragon #56 p.18,19)
  • Furyondy's naval forces make a daring raid on Iuz'd dockyards at Dorakaa, capturing seven galleys, sinking five, and burning many ships under construction. Iuz's plans to capture Whyestil Lake are foiled. (Dragon #56 p.19)
  • In spring, Chada-Three-Lances, War Sachem of the Rovers of the Barrens, leads a force to recover land lost to the Horned Society. They have minor success. (Dragon #56 p.23)
  • Mounted units of the Bandit Kingdoms raid Tenh, the Pale, Nyrond, and the County of Urnst, the Shield Lands and parts of Furyondy. Ships of Redhand pillage the Duchy of Urnst, and even the Horned Society collaborates with them. (Dragon #56 p.21)
  • In the Bandit Kingdoms, the Rovers of the Barrens overrun the northern border of the Horned Society. (LGG p.30)
  • In spring, Duke Ehyeh III crosses the Zumker river and invades the Bandit Kingdoms, laying waste to Groskopf and attacking Fellands. The Bandit Kingdoms subsequently withdraw their raiding parties and unite against Tenh. The Horned Society, enraged that the depletion of manpower needed to retake the western border from the Rovers of the Barrens, seize Warfields and Wormhall. (Dragon #56 p.21)
  • The Free City of Rookroost resists a siege by the forces of Tenh. (LGG p.29;Dragon #56 p.22)
  • In Flocktime, a massive army of Iuz led by Lord Choldraf and Mellard-Plict marches from the Howling Hills and lays siege to Eru-Tovar for almost ten weeks. (Dragon #56, p.19)
  • In late summer, the siege of Eru-Tovar is lifted by Tarkhan Bargru. Some of the forces of Iuz desert, and the rest flee. (Dragon #56, p.19)
  • In the month of Reaping, forces of the Hierarchs regroup at Dingaverge and set out to join with Plar Rostal's cavalry. (Dragon #56 p.20)
  • On Goodmonth 26, the Hierarchs attack and defeat the Rovers and their allies. Many of the Hierarchs' forces are from the Bandit Kingdoms, and soon mutiny after news that Tenh has invaded the Bandit Kingdoms. (Dragon #56 p.21)
  • On Harvester 22, following a close pursuit for several days, the Battle of Black Water Bend is fought between the Wolf Nomads, led by Tarkhan Bargru, and the forces of Iuz, which had previously besieged Eru-Tovar. (Dragon #56 p.19)
  • In autumn, the Bandit Kingdom of Abarra successfully defends against invasion by the Horned Society. (Dragon #56 p.21)
  • A peace treaty is signed byween Tenh and the Bandit Kingdoms, ceding part of Groskopf to Tenh. The Bandit Kingdoms immediately turn their attention to retribution against the Horned Society. (Dragon #56 p.21)
  • In the month of Ready'reat, Duke Ehyeh III leads an army of 4,000 cavalry and 11,000 infantry into the Theocracy of the Pale. (Dragon #56 p.22)

579 CY

580 CY

  • Raiders from the Bone March attempt to steal sthe sacred Seal of Marner from the Suel barbarians. (LGG p.37,91)
  • Necromancers attempt to overthrow Bissel. Harsh laws are enacted in response.They also attack the Valley of the Mage. (LGG p.33, Dragon #241 p.76)
  • Late this year, the war between Ivid V and the Golden League ends. (LGG p.15,24)
  • Slavelords' reign of terror is ended by a band of heroes. (Slavers p.120)
  • The mage Jamar Rellstar secretly converts to the priesthood of the death god Nerull during a stay in Molag. (The City of Greyhawk, FFF p.59)
  • The Fellowship of the Torch adventuring guild temporarily disbands due to lack of funds after resurrecting Nastassia Aiareni Nightstar and healing Geren Laraith after his life force is drained by a wraith.
  • The murderer Garakender Talmord arrives in Safeton. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.81)
  • The Declaimers, mage-priests of Boccob and Istus, prophecy the fall of Tenh within three years. The people of Stroun build walls around the town. (Iuz the Evil p.72)
  • Shando One-Foot buys the tavern Sawbiter's in Pest's Crossing. (Against the Giants: the Liberation of Geoff p.68)

581 CY

  • Early this year, the Fellowship of the Torch meet up again in the Free City of Greyhawk after Grimmri Fischer obtains a treasure map to a tomb in the [[Cairn Hills]. They discover the Torch of Anazander which gives the group their name. (The City of Greyhawk, FFF p.71)
  • Early this year, Schnius Balint of Greyhawk joins the city's militia. He quickly rises through the ranks, eventually becoming Commander of the Cairns Hills Force. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.85)
  • Jallarzi Sallavarian invited to join the Circle of Eight to replace Bucknard. (LGJ #0 p.6)
  • Assassination of the Circle of Eight. Halmadar the Cruel escapes his prison. Using both the Hand and Eye of Vecna, and under Vecna's control, he slays the entire Circle of Eight. Vecna attempts to become a greater deity, but is banished at Tovag Baragu by adventurers. Senior Vecna cultist Diraq Malcinex, the Heart of Vecna, is slain. (WGA4 Vecna Lives!; LGG p.15; LGJ #0 p.6)
  • The summer of this year is particularly hot. (The City of Greyhawk, FFF p.76)
  • Adri Forest burned by 300 warriors of the Great Kingdom. The druid Griffith Adarian conjures the last ki-rin living in the Flanaess to defend the forest. (The City of Greyhawk, FFF p.76)
  • A great magical battle rages for two days at Stankaster Tower. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.30)
  • In the Bandit Kingdoms, the Grand Clans of Grosskopf absorbs the Fellands by intermarriage. (LGG p.26)
  • Sheroyl Kubiak joins Wasim Qharallah's Golden Scimitar mercenary group at Sefmur, capital of Tusmit. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.74)
  • The Directing Oligarchy of Greyhawk creates a council representatives from the eight city quarters, following calls for great public involvement in the city's government. (The Adventure Begins p.65)
  • The Red Death plague sweeps the Flanaess. (LGG p.24)
  • Castle at Hommlet completed. (LGG p.132)
  • The Falcon, an evil cleric, attacks the temple of St. Cuthbert in the Free City of Greyhawk, resulting in increased fortification of the temple. (The Adventure Begins p.89)
  • The Falcon is finally brought to justice. (The Adventure Begins p.83)
  • A distant relative of Duke Karll of Duchy of Urnst disappears during an expedition to the ruins of the Vale of the Lamia. (The Adventure Begins, Adventure Maps p.4)
  • "Farmer Giles' squash" incident. In Needfest in the City of Greyhawk, the prize-winning vegetable at Guild Day contest is found to have been magically enlarged. (The Adventure Begins p.46)
  • Turrosh Mak becomes leader of the Pomarj. (LGG p.99)
  • The Scarlet Brotherhood begins enslavement of the Hepmonaland Olman and Touv peoples. They begin recruiting Hepmonaland Suel as mercenaries. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.5)
  • Foreign mercenaries infiltrate the Scarlet Brotherhood's headquarters Hesuel Ilshar and smash the Weeping Hexagram. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.5,86)
  • By this year, almost all of the Shield Lands has fallen to the Horned Society, goblinoids and Bandit Kingdoms troops. Only Critwall remains. (LGG p.104)

c. 581 CY

582 CY

  • Mordenkainen uses powerful cloning magic to replace the slain members of the Circle of Eight. However, the clones take too long to develop, and the circle is unable to prevent the Greyhawk Wars. (LGJ #0 p.6)
  • Lord Robilar is hired to accompany monks from the Dark Moon Monastery to Castle Greyhawk to rescue Zuoken. The expedition fails, but he finds the Orb of Opposition, causing him to switch places with his evil doppelganger Bilarro. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.17)
  • The Second Unhuman War reaches Greyspace. An invading fleet of scro Mantis ships link up with the Borka Retribution Fleet and battle with the elven Imperial Fleet based on Greela. (Dragon Annual #1 p.46)
  • Umenyeh steals the Thrice-Damned Tome of Anashelaq from Calbut as he flees the city during the Stonefist invasion. (LGJ #4 p.7)
  • A crypt thing appears in the gnomish silver mine of Sourlode. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.28)
  • Forces of Ratik, allied with the Frost Barbarians, occupy the Loftwood and prepare for an assault on Johnsport. The Duchy of Tenh quietly supports the Frost Barbarians by allowing access to Bandit Kingdoms, who trade in weapons. (Five Shall Be One p.4)
  • Conflict continues among the northern barbarian tribes. Frost Barbarians control the pass south of the Hraak Forest. Ice Barbarians make naval raids against Stonefist. (Five Shall Be One p.4)
  • The Snow Barbarians raid the Great Kingdom and Sea Barons shipping. The Snow Barbarians assist the Frost Barbarians, but their king opposes joining the Frost Barbarian alliance with Ratik, fearing an invasion of the Bone March will lead to a larger conflict with the Great Kingdom. (Five Shall Be One p.4)
  • On Freeday, Harvester 28, the first public vote for the Public Council of Greyhawk is held in the Free City of Greyhawk. Voting costs one silver piece, and the Oligarchy fails to prohibit casting multiple votes, allowing power groups to easily bankroll elections. The winners include a talking goat and a priestess of Vecna, who is swiftly executed. (The Adventure Begins p.65)
  • Turin Deathstalker leaves his role on the Directing Oligarchy the Free City of Greyhawk to serve as commander of the Safeton garrison during the Greyhawk Wars. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.4; The Adventure Begins p.116)
  • Late this year, the mysterious Hermit appears in Wavenair. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.28-29)
  • Late this year, Old Mother Grubb's House of Fortune is discovered to be run by vampires after a paladin of Pelor is killed there. It is burned down and an orphanage is built on its site. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.11)

Greyhawk Wars

  • A rumor spreads through the barbarians of the Thillonrian Peninsula that four of the five legendary Swords of Corusk have been found, and that once the fifth is found, a Great God of the North would unify the barbarians and lead them to greatness. The prophecy is taken seriously by the barbarian tribes, but the sword is never found. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.6)
  • Greyhawk Wars begin. A series of small regional conflicts erupts into a continent-wide war.
  • Iuz the Old, masquerading as the barbarian god Vatun, declares himself Great God of the North and unifies the Fruztii, Schnai and Cruskii barbarians. The Hold of the Stonefist makes a brief pre-emptive attack the barbarian horde, but is easily routed. Within weeks, the Stonefist leader Sevvord Redbeard allies himself with "Vatun" under magical compulsion. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.6; Player's Guide p.10; Wars, Adventurer's Book p.7)
  • Sevvord Redbeard becomes increasingly violent and ruthless. He declares a new era of conquest. (Wars, Adventurer's Book p.7)
  • Stonefist moves through the Thunder Pass into the Duchy of Tenh for the first time in over thirty years, making an unexpected attack on the city of Calbut, slaughtering all men. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.6; Realm of Dust; Wars, Adventurer's Book p.7-8)
  • Duke Ehyeh of Tenh takes to the field, planning to gradually raise an army while the Stonefist army is expected to spend weeks looting Calbut. Instead, Redbeard instead forces his men south. Within five days he lays siege to the Tenha capital of Nevond Nevenend. Without Duke Ehyeh's presence, the cityfolk panic and riot, and Redbeard captures the city. Tenh falls to Stonefist. Ehyeh and his court are given refurge in Radigast City in the County of Urnst, but the Duke's reputation has collapsed. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.6; Realm of Dust; Wars, Adventurer's Book p.7-8)
  • In the Bandit Kingdoms, the Grand Clans of Grosskopf begin raiding Tenh again. (LGG p.26)
  • Vatun orders the Suel barbarians to invade Ratik. The barbarians refuse to break their long-standing alliance with Ratik against the Bone March, and resent Stonefist's decision to blockade weapons shipments from the Bandit Kingdoms to the barbarians. They begin to doubt Vatun, and the barbarian alliance collapses only a few months after it began. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.6; Wars, Adventurer's Book p.8-9)
  • Rise of Turrosh Mak in the Pomarj. (Slavers p.120)
  • Wilbrem Carrister betrays the Trade Council of Hardby to the city of Greyhawk, gaining command of the Hardby Marines and the title of Military Governor of Hardby (Dungeon #109 p.96)
  • Greyhawk Mountaineers are garrisoned in Hardby in response to attacks from the Abbor-Alz. (Dungeon #109 p.96)

c. 582 CY

583 CY

  • In Brewfest, the assassin Caprica Molara dies of madness and is replaced by Jaryn Lejenaus. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.11)
  • In Spring, lizardmen from the Mistmarsh are particularly active, raiding the Plain of Greyhawk. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.18)
  • First appearance of the Scarlet Brotherhood in the Flanaess. (LGG p.15)
  • Thelwood begins its horrid transformation into a bonelike material. It is referred to thereafter as the Bonewood. (LGG p.139; Bonewood and Chathold)
  • Elves subjugate Lendore Isle, claiming it for religious purposes. Nearly all human inhabitants deported. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.30; LGG p.12,146)
  • Count Cadwale, the "Tunneling Count", is assassinated by the Scarlet Brotherhood. (LGJ #0 p.12)
  • In the Free City of Greyhawk, Sental Nurev is replaced as both Captain-General of the Watch and Director, following blackmail by Skandar Gundersson. He is replaced by Tigran Gellner. Nurev dies suspiciously soon after. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.8)
  • A plot to overthrow Greyhawk Thieves' Guild master Org Nenshen is uncovered. Tomas Ratek, guild chief of the city's River Quarter, and thief-priest Sharyn Messandier, guild chief of the Thieves' Quarter, are implicated and executed. (The Adventure Begins p.108)
  • The Scarlet Brotherhood appoints Marshenref as Father of Thralls after his group creates the rullhow species. Renho is appointed Father of Arms. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.19-20)
  • An outbreak of plague kills nearly a quarter of the population of the halfling town of Elmshire. In Patchwall, the town agrees to pay tax to the Free City of Greyhawk in exchange for protection. The entire village of Skorane is killed by plague. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.25)
  • Tenser consults the the mysterious Hermit of Wavenair for an unknown purpose. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.28-29)
  • In Ready'reat, a rod of beguiling is recovered from the catacombs of Echo Crypt beneath the Abbor-Alz mountains. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.29)
  • Late this year, Ren o'the Star is found dead in the Selintan river. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.8)

Greyhawk Wars

  • Naval battles begin at Dunhead Bay. (LGG p.148)
  • Iuz refocuses on his central domains, replacing Furyondian nobles with demons. (Wars, Adventurer's Book p.9)
  • On 11 Coldeven, during the Blood-Moon Festival, Iuz conquers the Horned Society. The streets of Molag run red with blood for a week. Within another week, the Hierarchs are deposed and Iuz replaces the city's leaders with puppet rulers. The date is subsequently celebrated by followers of Kurell, god of revenge. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.6; Wars, Adventurer's Book p.9; LGG p.156; Dragon #263 p.51)
  • Horned Society withdraws from the Shield Lands. (LGG p.159)
  • In Flocktime, Iuz attacks the Bandit Kingdoms, easily conquering the disparate realms. Furyondy and the Shield Lands are unaware of this maneuever, as Iuz has assassinated most of Furyondy's spies. (Wars, p.9)
  • Inhabitants of Riftcrag and the Great Lands of Reyhu abandon their homes, fleeing the armies of Iuz. (LGG p.29)
  • The Principality of Redhand allies with Iuz. This saves the realm from destruction, but leaves Prince Zeech beholden to Iuz. Other Bandit Kingdoms who ally with Iuz include the Freeholders, Rookroost, Stoink, and Wormhall. (LGG p.26-30)
  • Perrenland signs a neutrality agreemwnt with Iuz. (LGG p.86)
  • The Shield Lands refuse an offer of alliance with Furyondy, and in Flocktime are overrun by Iuz's forces. Admundfort and Critwall fall despite valiant effort. Lord Holmer, leader of the Knights of Holy Shielding is captured and taken to Dorakaa. 11,000 Shield Landers are killed. Iuz uses plunder from the Shield Lands to hire mercenaries. (From the Ashes p.6; Wars, Adventurer's Book p.10)
  • Battle of Critwall Bridge results in victory for Furyondy, securing the eastern borders of the realm against Iuz. Soon after, Furyondy's northern border collapses under an assault from Iuz-allied humanoids attacking from the Vesve Forest. Crockport falls, and Chendl, Furyondy's capital, is placed under siege. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.6; Wars, Adventurer's Book p.10)
  • Nyrond moves against the Hold of Stonefist, striking first in the Phostwood, but staying close to the borders of the kingdom. Sevvord Redbeard executes several commanders as punishment. A pitched battle ends in a weeks-long stalemate. (From the Ashes p.7; Wars, Adventurer's Book p.10)
  • In summer, after a series of embarassing defeats, Iuz signs a non-aggression pact with the Grand Theocracy of Dimre. (LGG p.26)
  • Siege of Chendl. Iuz hires goblin mercenaries from the Vesve. They invade Furyondy and capture Crockport and move on the capital of Chendl, but Highfolk and a group of knights harry the invading force, delaying them long enough to give the city time to prepare. By the month of Reaping, Chendl is besieged. By Patchwall at the latest, the siege is relieved by a small force of Furyondian knights. (Wars, Adventurer's Book p.10-11)
  • Great Kingdom enters the war, hiring large numbers of mercenaries, attacking Sunndi, Almor, Nyrond, and Irongate. (Wars, Adventurer's Book p. 13)
  • Osson's Ride. Osson of Chathold is appointed Commandant of the Field, marshal of the ofrces Almor. In a daring plan, he leads his cavalry on a series of agile raids, luring Overking Ivid's forces away from Chathold, before defeating the Glorioles army at the Battle of Rieuwood. Osson reclaims Pitchfield that autumn, captured Medegia, and liberated Sunndi. (LGG p.111,141; Wars, Adventurer's Book p.14)
  • The Scarlet Brotherhood invades the Hold of the Sea Princes. (Player's Guide p.5)
  • Scarlet Brotherhood secretly supports the Iron League in the hopes of ensuring a buffer state against the Great Kingdom. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.9)
  • Giants invade the Duchy of Geoff. The settlements of West Town, Tika Town, Hornwood, and the capital of Gorna are among those captured, as well as the Gorna. Most inhabitants flee or are killed, except in Midwood, where a fog giant named Seshey sent to conquer the town becomes its defender. (Against the Giants: the Liberation of Geoff p.49,51,55,80,83)
  • In winter, Eastern Pact is signed in Oldred. The Iron League and County of Urnst join the Almor-Nyrond alliance. (Wars, Adventurer's Book p.14)
  • Late this year, the Scarlet Brotherhood captures the Lordship of the Isles. A sudden coup replaces Prince Latmac Ranold with his cousin Prince Frolmar Ingerskatti, who declares his support for the Scarlet Brotherhood and Great Kingdom, and cutting off planned naval support for Commandant Osson. (LGG p.150; Wars, Adventurer's Book p.15)
  • Keoland and its remaining bordering states (Gran March, the Yeomanry, Duchy of Ulek, County of Ulek, and Celene) sign the Treaty of Niole Dra. (LGG p.66; Wars, Adventurer's Book p.15)
  • Iuz secures Ket and Tusmit as allies,

584 CY

  • Early this year, Cranzer marches an army to the tower of Hellstone and demands the surrender of the mage who lived within. The tower explodes as soon as Cranzer's army enters, and the wizard mysteriously disappears. (Iuz the Evil p.53)
  • Reza, a tiger owned by Griffith Adarian, dies in her sleep. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.12)
  • In Spring, lizardmen from the Mistmarsh are particularly active, raiding the Plain of Greyhawk. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.18)
  • Leastisle is sacked by marauders, throwing the isle into anarchy. (LGG p.99,100)
  • In Goodmonth, Nyrondese sage Elraniel Tesmarien leaves Midmeadow and takes up residence in the Free City of Greyhawk, where he becomes a tutor at the Grey College. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.80)
  • The Scarlet Brotherhood arrives in the Amedio Jungle. The Matreyus expedition brings back detailed notes. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.63)
  • Fratern Milblinnis, an anti-magic secret society, is established. (Dragon #256 p.48)
  • Bladestorm, cleric of Trithereon, emerges from the Welkwood to offer her services to the Headhunters. (From the Ashes CB p.78)
  • Embassy Circle building completed in the Free City of Greyhawk. (The Adventure Begins p.84)
  • Elskan Saramade replaces Aaron Strachan as Furyondian ambassador to Greyhawk. (The Adventure Begins p.84)
  • The City of Greyhawk grants titles of petty nobility to ten individuals, largely for tax purposes. (The Adventure Begins p.72)
  • Iuz designates the Free City of Rookroost, Free City-State of Stoink and Riftcrag as regional capitals of the Bandit Kingdoms. (LGG p.29-30, 59)
  • On Harvester 1, Tenser writes a letter to Mordenkainen shortly before his death. It is never sent. (Return of the Eight p.32)
  • Exalted Dweomercraft, a tome of Aerdy and drow magic, disappears from the Valley of the Mage. (Dragon #241 p.76)
  • In Patchwall, chieftain Skannar Hendricks of the Reyhu fights alongside wood elves of the Fellreev against Fleischriver. They form a rough alliance. (Iuz the Evil p.56)
  • Ranger Knight Lynwood Terfalen returns from the Gnarley Woods after three years of captivity. The rangers subsequently nickname dryads as "Lynwood's wives". (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.46)
  • During the feast of Brewfest, a cleric of Iuz commits a heinous massacre at Steelbone Meadows in Wormhall, the Bandit Kingdoms. Five thousand men are killed as they sleep following drunken celebrations upon receiving word of the Pact of Greyhawk. (LGG p.31)
    • Dragon Annual 4 p.21 provides a contradictory date of Ready'reat 13 for this event, around six weeks after Brewfest. It is recorded as the Day of Treachery.

Greyhawk Wars

  • In Readying, the half-orc Turrosh Mak of the Nedla tribe becomes its chief, secretly supported by the Scarlet Brotherhood. He unites the tribes of the Pomarj. He attacks the Wild Coast, sacking Eldredd, Badwall, and Fax before invading the Principality of Ulek. (Safeton; Wars, Adventurer's Book p.15-18)
  • Battle of Celene Pass. Pomarj forces are stopped by a scouting party of dwarven warriors calling themselves the League of Right, who establish hasty earthworks and fortifications. Commander Rourk Splinterstone and 30 of 200 soldiers survive long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Splinterstone is awarded a small barony and the survivors are awarded a lifelong pension. (From the Ashes p.7; LGG p.152; Slavers p.122-124; Wars, Adventurer's Book p.18)
  • Queen Yolande of Celene closes her realm to outsiders. (Wars, Adventurer's Book p.19)
  • In Coldeven, Safeton and Narwell, the last remaining unconquered cities of the Wild Coast, sign sign a Pact of Association with the Free City of Greyhawk. (Safeton; From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.50)
  • Fearing invasion of the city of Fax by Turrosh Mak, forty members of the Crescent League hijack a ship and flee to Onnwal. This act destroys the Crescent League's reputation across the Flanaess. (Dragon #256 p.47)
  • Fax falls. (Safeton)
  • In spring, Commandant Osson's ride comes to an end. Trapped in Medegia, he makes an impossible dash for freedom toward the Hestmark Highlands, but most of the unit's officers are killed in an ambush while crossing the Flanmi River. The survivors flee into the hills. Osson is never seen again. (Wars, Adventurer's Book p.19)
  • The Gran March sends troops across the Lorridges to aid Furyondy against Iuz, fulfilling obligations under the Treaty of Niole Dra. (LGG p.50)
  • Overking Ivid orders Medegia crushed for their impunity. His army spends substantial time plundering and sacking every town and city. (Wars, Adventurer' Book p.19)
  • Night of Terror. On 1 Growfest, all half-orcs, orcs and hobgoblins in Safeton and Narwell are killed in a single night. (Player's Guide p.61; Safeton; From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.50; Slavers p.123)
  • Twenty-seven of the thirty lords of the Sea Princes assassinated in a single night by the Scarlet Brotherhood. The remaining lords surrender. (LGG p.101)
  • Most of the Order of the Golden Sun are recalled to Onnwal, where they are ambushed and slaughtered by the Scarlet Brotherhood. Only six members ultimately survive. (Dragon #293 p.93)
  • The thieves' guild of Scant suddenly flee the city. (LGG p.80)
  • Night of the Scarlet Knives. On the night of Wealsun 18, spies of the Scarlet Brotherhood capture Scant, landing an army by sea the next day. Onnwal falls to the Scarlet Brotherhood. Szek Eward Destron is slain. (LGG p.80; Scant - A City Enslaved; LGJ #15)
  • Jian Destron inherits the position of Szek of Onnwal. The Scarlet Brotherhood attempts to sink his ship, but he is able to escape thanks to a sudden fog, for which credit would later be claimed by Rary the Traitor. He establishes a court-in-exile in the port of Nessermouth in Nyrond. (LGJ #15)
  • Lordship of the Isles officially declares loyalty to the Scarlet Brotherhood. (Player's Guide p.7)
  • A fleet from the Lordship of the Isles, led by the Scarlet Brotherhood, attempts to invade Gradsul, but is repelled. They move on to harry the ships of Irongate. (LGG p.66,72)
  • Invasion of Geoff and Sterich by giants. In summer, renewed giant and evil humanoid raids hit the Grand Duchy of Geoff, Sterich, and the Yeomanry. Keoland offers support to the Earl of Sterich, but demands fealty in exchange. The negotiations delay the deployment of Keoish reinforcements, and Geoff and Sterich are conquered by the invaders. Dwarves and humans flee to the Good Hills. (From the Ashes, Atlas, p.7; LGG p.49,107,145; Wars, Adventurer's Book p.20)
  • Nonhumans despoil the Loftwood by setting fires. (LGG p.141)
  • Giants and nonhumans overrun the Oytwood in Geoff. (LGG p.141)
  • Giants and ogres attack the Yeomanry, but armed peasants successfully repel the invaders. (Wars, Adventurer's Book p.20)
  • The Gran March sends reinforcements relieve Geoff and Sterich from the giants. (LGG p.50)
  • In Goodmonth, weeks after the invasion of Geoff, Ket allies with Iuz, and promptly launches a cavalry attack against Bissel. Bissel is forced to surrender by mid-Harvester. (LGG p.33,50; From the Ashes, Atlas p.7; Wars, Adventurer's Book p.20)
  • Ambassadors visit the isolated Valley of the Mage seeking assistance to fight the giants. Talks are interrupted by an invasion of giants and humanoids. (LGG p.127; The Adventure Begins p.35)
  • In early summer, Pontylver is razed. (Rumours and Whispers of the Flanaess; Ivid p.106)
  • The Battle of Innspa marks the peak of the Aerdy invasion of Nyrond. Ivid V foolishly insists on personally commanding his armies, resulting in crushing defeat. Ivid executes his generals and nobles, raising them as undead servitors. Ivid is subsequently assassinated by the nobility, and the priesthood of Hextor raise him as undead. He begins mass executions. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.8)
  • The North Province secedes from the Great Kingdom. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.8; LGG p.24)
  • The Scarlet Brotherhood begins campaign of assassinations in Iron League states with an aim to destabilize their governments. Cobb Darg of the Free City of Irongate orders the execution of every known Scarlet Brotherhood agent within the city. (From the Ashes, Atlas, p.9)
  • In Goodmonth, Iuz turns his forces to the attack of Almor. (Wars, Adventurer's Book p.19)
  • The Day of Dust. On Goodmonth 17, Ivid razes Chathold and Almor in a magical cataclysm. (Bonewood and Chathold; Ivid p.145)
  • Furyondy breaks the siege of Chendl and drives Iuz northwards in autumn. (Iuz the Evil p.4)
  • The town of Cantona, where magic is unreliable, is conquered by orcs. Half of its inhabitants manage to flee north; others are enslaved or eaten. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.58)
  • The Day of the Great Signing. In the month of Harvester, the Pact of Greyhawk is signed, ending what would retroactively be known as the Greyhawk Wars. The treaty fixes national borders. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.9; LGG p.16)
  • On the same day, Rary instigates a massive magical battle within the Great Hall and attempts to assassinate the other members of the Circle of Eight, killing only Otiluke and Tenser before fleeing into the Bright Desert to form his own kingdom. (From the Ashes, Atlas, p.9; LGG p.16,38)
  • Rary's older brother, the legendary scholar Arkalan Sammal of Ket, disavows his brother. He succumbs to alcoholism. (LGJ #5 p.8)
  • The orc Quij takes part in the sacking of the castle of the slain archmage Tenser. (The Adventure Begins p.98)
  • Cairn Hills Treaty. Cairn Hills ceded from the Duchy of Urnst to the Free City of Greyhawk. (LGG p.144; The Griffon's Nest)
  • Despite the Pact of Greyhawk, some fighting continues, mainly in the Pomarj, Ratik, and the Lost Lands. (Iuz the Evil p.49; From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.50)
  • In Patchwall, orcs loot and pillage Castle Sulafrait. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.50)

585 CY

  • This year is known as the "Year of Peace". (From the Ashes, Atlas p.73; LGG p.16)
  • In Needfest, drunken locals of the Free City of Greyhawk kill 32 Tenha refugees. The Alliance of Tenha Workers is subsequently formed. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.4)
  • In Fireseek, a band of orcs attempt to invade Leraizen, a stone keep atop a dungeon outside of the Free City of Greyhawk. They are rebuffed by powerful magics. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book, p.55)
  • In Fireseek, the human residents of Shelleton in Celene are outraged to discover that a corrupt elven governor has been embezzling taxes. Tension grows between the elven and non-elven residents. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.47)
  • In winter, a shortage of food supplies from the foragers of the Gamboge Forest threatens famine for many in Nyrond. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.76)
  • In Readying, a filthy effluvium pours from the Ritensa River into the Veng River for several days, causing illness in Furyondy. It disappears as suddenly as it arrived. (The Marklands p.26)
  • Early this year, Javka Gerneskir joins the Gynarchy of Hardby. (LGJ #1 p.27)
  • Early this year, there is an outbreak of plague in Midmeadow. (The Marklands p.65)
  • Furyondian Knights of the Hart call for the annexation of Verbobonc. Magister Margus of Dyvers dismisses the possibility and fails to address public concerns. He is voted out of office later that year. (Slavers p.6)
  • Magister Margus of Dyvers succeeded by the patriotic Larissa Hunter, First Captain of the Dyvers Free Army. Belvor privately rebukes the Knights of the Hart, and publicly reassures Hunter that there are no plans for annexation of Dyvers. (Slavers p.6)
  • Larissa Hunter dispossesses two nobles of Dyvers who planned to defect to Greyhawk. She uses their property to build the castle Eastguard to protect against possible incursions by Greyhawk. (Slavers p.6)
  • The Directing Oligarchy of the Free City of Greyhawk votes to rebuild the area of the Old City destroyed by fire during the Beggar's Union raid of Harvester 571 CY and the Day of Signing fire or Harvester 584 CY. A Fire Tax is levied until 590 CY to pay for it. (The Adventure Begins p.122)
  • Furyondyan Knights of the Hart call for the annexation of Verbobonc. Belvor IV assures Dyvers that there are no plans for annexation. Magister Margus, lord mayor of Dyvers, fails to address public concerns. (The Adventure Begins p.36; Slavers p.6; LGG p.42,132)
  • Magister Margus of Dyvers resigns due to public pressure. He is replaced by Larissa Hunter, First Captain of the Dyvers Free Army. (Slavers p.6; LGG p.42)
  • In spring, construction begins on Fordkeep, protecting the ford connecting River Road along the Selintan River to the main road to Dyvers. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.15)
  • Greyhawk Militia patrolling the Gnarley Forest are friendly with the local woodsmen, though they avoid contact with the wood elves. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.44)
  • Militia specialist Perren Striaken joins the Ryell Pass garrison. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.83)
  • Orcish ships first appear in Wooly Bay. Davis the Reaver begins harassing ships in the Sea of Gearnat. (Slavers p.67,120)
  • Orc and human pirates raid Pomarj from bases in the Pomarj and southern Wild Coast. (Slavers p.120)
  • A sect of Trithereon in Furyondy with access to powerful magic begin assisting the inhabitants of the woodland-dwellers of the Earldom of the Tangles. (LGG p.30)
  • Orcs of the Pomarj invade the Principality of Ulek. Ulek manages to stave off the attack. (LGG p.16,121)
  • Warden of the Citadel, master of the Free City of Greyhawk's prison, is imprisoned for corruption. He dies during a routine interrogation with the man who would replace him, Greyhawk Militia officer Etin Derecs. (The Adventure Begins p.81)
  • Millstream in the Free City of Greyhawk, an important supply of drinking water for the Slum Quarter, is intentionally poisoned, resulting in 10 deaths. (The Adventure Begins p.93)
  • The Pit purchases the Cartographer's Guildhall. The cartographers move next door into the former home of Duke Garand. (The Adventure Begins p.103)
  • Keoland attempts to retake Sterich. King Kimbertos Skotti promotes Earl Querchard to the rank of Marquis. (LGG p.16,107)
  • Nyrondese raid on Prymp. (Ivid the Undying p.132)
  • Ratik starts ambitious castle building program. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.73)
  • A school of dolphins appears in Relmor Bay, seeking help from humans. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.73)
  • Tuerny kidnaps Jallarzi Sallavarian. Her tower is damaged. (The Adventure Begins p.88)
  • In the middle of this year, Tenser is returned to life, but leaves the Circle of Eight. The Circle of Eight is shortly restored to its full membership with the addition of three new members: Warnes Starcoat, Alhamazad the Wise, and Theodain Eriason. (Player's Guide p.11; LGG p.16; The Adventure Begins p.19; Return of the Eight p.53)
    • The Adventure Begins p.37 dates the reformation to 586 CY, but this is likely in error, as other sources including The Adventure Begins p.19 date it to 585, and the module Return of the Eight also takes place in 585 CY.
  • A Scarlet Brotherhood ship attempts to trade with Nyrond. Jian Destron of Onnwal, ruling from exile in Nyrond, sinks the ship with all hands. (LGJ #15)
  • The Scarlet Brotherhood burn 34 farmers in Scant's Grand Market. (Scant - A City Enslaved)
  • Brewfest Rebellion. Taking advantage of the good weather for sailing, Scant thieves' guild master Rakehell Chert visits Szek Jian Destron's government in Nessermouth and is appointed Lord Marshal of Onnwal and Commander of the Free Onnwal Army of Rebellion. On Brewfest 1, Chert's forces begin rebellion against the Scarlet Brotherhood, taking Killdeer Castle and recapturing two thirds of Onnwal within one month. They fail to retake the capital of Scant. (Scant - A City Enslaved; LGJ #15)
  • Greyhawk mayor Nerof Gasgal moves the Grand Council of Greyhawk Guilds meeting from Patchwall 1st to Patchwall 3rd, appeasing guildmasters who are still drunk or hungover from Brewfest. (The Adventure Begins p.47)
  • Attempted coup in Nyrond. In fall, King Archbold III of Nyrond appears to suffer a stroke, but survives. A conclave of clerics discover that he was poisoned. Within hours, Prince Sewarndt and a group of military officers attempt to seize the throne, but are scattered by the church of Heironeous. (LGG p.78)
  • Heroes from Furyondy rescue Earl Holmer from the dungeons of Dorakaa. He dies late that year. (LGG p.104)
  • Nonhumans continue to despoil the Loftwood by setting fires. (LGG p.141)
  • Canon Hazen aquires Crook of Rao from Drax of Rel Astra. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.76)
  • Arkalan Sammal sacked from his instructor position in the Grey College. He begins a demeaning career as paid advisor to adventuring groups. (LGJ #5 p.8)
  • Winter of Hunger in northern Nyrond. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.76)
  • Construction on the River Road/Main Road near Fordkeep. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.15)
  • Blackwall Keep and Marsh Keep constructed in the Domain of Greyhawk at the northern and southern borders of the Mistmarsh in response to attacks by lizardfolk. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.18)
  • Dwarven engineers construct Ford Keep. In Spring, the River Road to Dyvers is improved. (Ford Keep; From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.15)
  • Greyhawk militia render help to woodsmen of the Gnarley Forest. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.44)
  • Peren Striaken joins Ryell Pass garrison. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book p.83)
  • A large school of dolphins appear in Relmor Bay. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.73)
  • Lake Quag runs with "blood." (From the Ashes, Atlas p.74)
  • "Plague" of Midmeadow. (From the Ashes, Atlas p.74)
  • In Ready'reat, a band of orcs attempt to capture Stalkara Estates, a bandit outpost outside of the Free City of Greyhawk. (From the Ashes, Campaign Book, p.55)
  • In Patchwall, the Cockatrice Riders capture Castle Sulafrait, pushing out the orcish inhabitants. Orcs later recover the castle. (Pascorel)
  • Late this year, Keoland liberates the town of Fitela in Sterich from orcs. (LGG p.107; Against the Giants: The Liberation of Geoff p.5)
  • On Coldeven 5th, Otto is horrified to learn that Duke Szeffrin holds one of the Orbs of Dragonkind, specifically the Orb of the Hatchling. (Dragon #230 p.8,11)

586 CY

  • In Fireseek, Archbold III of Nyrond abdicates, leaving the throne to his son Lynwerd. (LGG p.16,78)
  • In Readying, Keoland retakes Istivin, capital of Sterich. (LGG p.108)
  • The Flight of Fiends. In Coldeven, Canon Hazen of Veluna uses the Crook of Rao to banish nearly all evil-aligned extraplanar beings from the Flanaess. (LGG p.16; Player's Guide p.11)
  • Immediately, a high priest of Hextor declares that Ivid V is no longer Overking of the Great Kingdom. The same day, the capital of Rauxes is attacked by ambitious generals and nobles seeking to claim the Malachite Throne. The city is engulfed in a mysterious magical field. (LGG p.12,16,24)
  • Despotrix Ilena Norbelos of Hardby falls ill after taking part in striking the Crook of Rao. (Dungeon #109 p.96)
  • The Great Kingdom effectively ends. By the middle of this year, Herzog Grenell of North Province declares himself Overking of the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy. (LGG p.16; Player's Guide p.12)
  • Duke Szeffrin disappears from Almor. King Lynwerd I of Nyrond confirms the disappearance and sends an army to capture Almor. They reach the Harp River by late this year. (The Adventure Begins p.30)
  • On Planting 1st, King Belvor IV and Canon Hazen declare the Great Northern Crusade in response to threat from Iuz. Lady Katarina, cousin of Earl Holmer, is appointed as marshal of an army including the forces of Furyondy, the Shield Lands, foreign mercenaries, and the Knights of Holy Shielding. (The Adventure Begins p.20,83; LGG p.105)
  • Alain IV of Ratik attempts a raid into the Bone March, but are ambushed in the hills north of Spinecastle. Alain IV killed by gnolls. Upon hearing the news, his father, Baron Lexnol collapses upon hearing the news. Alain's widow, Lady Evaleigh of Knurl, assumes the throne. (LGG p.37,46,91)
  • Most Geoffite resistance cells captured or killed by this point. (LGG p.49)
  • An attempt is made to invade Celene. (The Adventure Begins p.35)
  • Hochoch in the Duchy of Geoff is liberated by an army of the Gran March. (LGG p.51)
  • Stable owner Lucious Stairnezh attacks Count Reichart Petrides, ambassador to the Duchy of Urnst. He is thrown into prison, where he is killed by an inmate. His stables are auctioned off. (The Adventure Begins p.125)
  • Last merchant ships from Rel Astra sail the Azure Sea, due to a blockade of the Tilva Straight by the Scarlet Brotherhood, likely via the Lordship of the Isles. The blockade leads to increased overland trade, which improves diplomatic relations between Ahlissa and the Iron League. (The Adventure Begins p.29)
  • Lendorian exiles accompany the Sea Barons sailing the Solnor Ocean, thought to be searching for members of the Council of Five, deposed former leaders of the Lendore Isles. (LGG p.69-70; The Adventure Begins p.29)
  • The first raids against the orcs of of Admundfort Island occur. (The Adventure Begins p.21)
  • Baron Bastarayne of Woodwych flees Nyrond after embezzling several years of taxes due to the crown. The elves and woodsmen of the Celadon Forest are in revolt. (The Adventure Begins p.30)
  • Graf Reydrich of South Province uses his spy network to assassinate Scarlet Brotherhood members in Idee and Onnwal before marching on Idee, capturing half of it this year. Sister Kuranyie, Scarlet Brotherhood leader of Onnwal, retaliates against the citizens for the assassination of her underlings. (Scarlet Brotherhood p.6)
  • Late this year, Rakehell Chert thief guildmaster-in-exile of Scant, begins a resistance movement to retake the city. Rebellion begins in Onnwal. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.6; LGG p.79-80; Slavers p.38)
  • Emboldened by his victories, Graf Reydrich promises to conquer the Scarlet Brotherhood's homelands. He is found dead in his chambers the same day, killed by the Brotherhood priest-assassin Tyrum. An oligarchy of nobles and generals take power and conquer the rest of Idee. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.6,18)
  • The Scarlet Brotherhood's siege of Irongate ends after defeats in Onnwal and Idee. (LGG p.58)
  • Many nations begin to ignore the Pact of Greyhawk. The Scarlet Brotherhood stops operating openly in the Flanaess, switching to careful subterfuge instead. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.6)
  • Principality of Ulek allies with the Knights of Luna to fight the Pomarj. A major battle is fought, and some land west of the Jewel River is recaptured. (LGG p.88,121)
  • Warnes Starcoat joins the Circle of Eight. (LGJ #0 p.7)
  • Late this year, South Province captures the northern half of Idee. (LGG p.98,111)
  • In winter, ghoul hunting parties first raid the surface world, attacking mountain strongholds in the Yeomanry. (Dungeon #70 p.49)

c. 586 CY

  • The War of the Spheres takes place between the Free Space Alliance (a coalition including Greyspace) and the Vodoni Empire. The Vodoni are defeated. (Under the Dark Fist)
  • The merchant Sturtevant last seen in the Free City of Greyhawk. His estate, Grey Manor, is later put under the protectorship of his friend Lord Henway. (The Adventure Begins p.83)
  • Following the rebellion of Onnwall, ships from Safeton, Hardby and Onnwal begin patrols against the growing pirate menace. (Slavers p.38)
  • Rumors begin to surface suggesting the Hierarchs of the Horned Society have established a headquarters somewhere in the Flanaess. (LGG p.157)

587 CY

  • In winter, Tang the Horrific summons a war council of Wolf Nomads to attack Iuz, seeking to recapture the tribe's ancient burial graves. The nomads immediately agree to the plan. (The Adventure Begins p.22)
  • In Fireseek and Coldeven, the three survivors of Ahlissa's oligarchy meet with Aerdy noble Prince Xavenar and smaller princes to negotiate a political union. North Kingdom refuses to join. (The Adventure Begins p.25-26)
  • In Growfest, King Lynwerd I declares the lands as far as the Harp River a protectorate of Nyrond, raising tensions with the United Kingdom of Ahlissa. (The Adventure Begins p.27)
  • In Growfest, the United Kingdom of Ahlissa is officially founded. Its ruler is Overking Xavener I. Imperial Council of Kalstrand formed to constrain the Overking's power. (LGG p.16,24; Kalstrand - City of Gold)
  • In Growfest, at the formal royal investiture ceremony at Zelradton, Graf Reydrich unexpectedly appears. Thought to have been assassinated the previous year, Reydrich demands to be restored to power. Xavaner makes him Prince Reydrich of Ahlissa and official court archmage. (The Adventure Begins p.26)
  • Ahlissa conquers Idee. (LGG p.16)
  • Marquis Karn Serrand is given the Marchland of Chathold. (Bonewood and Chathold)
  • In late spring, Tang the Horrific leads the Relentles Horde of the Wolf Nomads aginst the Lands of Iuz. While they do not capture any territory, they are able to recover the bodies and burial treasures of their tribal cairns, returning home two days later. (The Adventure Begins p.22)
  • Great Northern Crusade continues. Lady Katarina lands forces at Scragholme Isle and crosses the Veng River to march on Critwall. By luck, the Wolf Nomad raid a few days earlier distract Iuz's forces from the attack on Critwall. (The Adventure Begins p.21-22)
  • Beygraf Zoltan of Ket is assassinated. His successor, Nadaid, spends the next two years pursuing peace. (LGG p.33; The Adventure Begins p.36)
  • Grandwood declared a Marchland. (The Adventure Begins p.29)
  • Count Hustin, heir to Owen I of Geoff, disappears. Divinations would later reveal that he is still alive. (LGG p.49)
  • Two barons of the Sea Barons are killed and replaced with agents of the Scarlet Brotherhood. (LGG p.100)
  • A cockatrice den is discovered in the Cairn Hills. (The Adventure Begins, Map Book p.3)
  • Admundfort proclaimed regional capital of the Shield Lands. (LGG p.103)
  • Knights of Holy Shielding return to liberate the Shield Lands. Critwall and Scragholme Island are captured. (LGG p.159)
  • In Harvester, Viscount Wilfrick of Verbobonc dies. He is succeeded by his son, Sir Fenward Lefthanded. His unfavorable policies and ill-chosen words lead the gnomes of the Kron Hills to declare independence, and he is later killed by his own captain of the guard after forged papers falsely implicate the Viscount as a member of the Scarlet Brotherhood. He is replaced by Langard of the Gnarley Border. (LGG p.132,133; The Adventure Begins p.36-37)
  • On Freeday, Harvester 28, the second public election for the Public Council of Greyhawk is held. Rioting throughout the Free City kills 12 and injures over a hundred. The Directing Oligarchy narrowly votes to appease the public by offering low-rent farmland and new manorial villages for the city's refugee population following the Greyhawk Wars. (The Adventure Begins p.65)
  • In Patchwall, Keoland liberates the cities of the Sterich heartlands. King Skotti grants the Viscounty of Nume Eor to his cousin Richart Jorgos of House Lizhal. (LGG p.108)
  • Delgath the Undying, an undead cleric of Nerull, former prince of House Torquann and governor of the city of Rinloru, holds the city against superior forces using an undead army raised from the city's former inhabitants. The siege continues for several years and Delgath poses the most serious threat to North Kingdom. (LGG p.74; The Adventure Begins p.23)

588 CY

  • On Needfest 4th, Viscount Wilfrick is succeded by his only surviving relative, his bastard son Langard of the Gnarley Border. (The Adventure Begins p.37)
  • The town of Flen in Keoland's Good Hills is used as a staging post for the liberation of Sterich. (LGG p.145)
  • In Coldeven, Sterich is liberated. (LGG p.66,108)
  • The war to recover Geoff begins. (The Adventure Begins p.35)
  • Battle of Grabford takes place, allowing Furyondy to encircle and capture Crockport. Great Northern Crusade ends. (LGG p.46,47)
  • Shield Lands re-establish government, establishing Lady Katarina as Knight Commander of the region. (LGG p.105)
  • Knights of Dispatch lead a renewed attack on Geoff. The Oytwood is liberated. (LGG p.49,141)
  • In the middle of this year, Iuz's magical control over Sevvord Redbeard ends. He enacts or makes public sweeping political changes, including taking the title of Rhelt ("king"), establishing a feudal power structure, and formally renaming the Hold of Stonefist to Stonehold. His forces retreat to the northern foothills of Tenh. (The Adventure Begins p.22-23)
  • War begins in Tenh. Theocrat Ogon Tillit sponsors an invasion of Tenh to oppose the threat of Iuz and gain territory. Tenh ultimately becomes a four-way conflict between Tenh repatriates, the Pale, Iuz, and Stonehold. (LGG p.16,82; The Adventure Begins p.23)
  • Theocrat Tillit wounded in battle in Tenh. His wounds fail to heal. (LGG p.82)
  • Redspan liberated. (Realm of Dust)
  • Greyhawk Beggarmaster Gaspar mysteriously disappears. Diarmid Hesperion disappears shortly after. Beggar's Union treasurer Simeon Hellwater elevates himself to Beggarmaster by framing Gaspar's replacement as an agent of the Scarlet Brotherhood. (The Adventure Begins p.126; Dragon #301 p.89)
  • The guildmaster of the Dockers' and Warfmen's Union in Greyhawk is murdered. He is succeded by his son, Screel Dorfman. (The Adventuer Begins p.77)
  • Three great cranes are built at the docks in Hardby for loading and unloading goods. (Slavers p.34)
  • Bonewood completes its transformation into a bonelike material. (LGG p.139)
  • Algorthas the Seer presents his Last Testament. (LGJ #14)
  • By the end of the year, Furyondy has recaptured all of its former holdings from Iuz, including a portion of the Shield Lands. (The Adventure Begins p.21)

c. 588 CY

  • In the Free City of Greyhawk, the Guild of Leatherworkers, Tanners, Smiths and Stablers breaks up into smaller guilds. The Guild of Clothworkers is formed. (The Adventure Begins p.115)
  • The Night Dame purchases the extravagant Golden Phoenix Inn in the City of Greyhawk. (The Adventure Begins p.91)

589 CY

  • Thornward Division. Negotiations conclude between Ket and Bissel, in which Bissel's capital of Thornward becomes a neutral city governed in common by Ket, Bissel, Veluna, and the Gran March. Ket withdraws its armies and gains control of all Bisselite lands north of the Bramblewood Gap. (LGG p.33)
  • Signing of the Solnor Compact, a defensive alliance between Rel Astra, Ountsy and Roland. (The Adventure Begins p.29)
  • Sunndi declines to join the new Kingdom of Ahlissa. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.7)
  • In Growfest, Sunndi declares independence from the Great Kingdom and its successor states. Its leader is Count Hazendel, who takes the title Olvenking Hazendel the Defender. (LGG p.111; The Adventure Begins p.29)
  • In spring, Furyondy disbands many army units. Belvor IV is criticized for not capturing more territory from Iuz. (The Adventure Begins p.21)
  • On 1 Planting, King Belvor IV declares a permanent state of war between Furyondy and Iuz. (The Adventure Begins p.21)
  • Orcs and goblins attack Safeton before its walls are completed. Governor Turin Deathstalker is prepared, and a successful counterattack destroys the invaders in what is now known as Orcslayer Field. (Slavers p.46; Safeton)
  • An elven ship from the Lendore Isles is spotted in the Densac Gulf. (The Adventure Begins p.29)
  • The lighthouse in Dyvers is renovated with continual light spells, thereafter casting its light for 30 miles on a clear night. (Slavers p.11)
  • Mother Arinohal of the Scarlet Brotherhood appointed Mother of Purity for a second term. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.19)
  • The Scarlet Brotherhood fortifies three ports in Hepmonaland to maintain the blockade of the Tilva Strait. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.7)
  • The summer is exceptionally hot. (LGG p.102)
  • In Wealsun, Lady Xenia Sallavarian collapses of heatstroke. Divinations suggest the likelihood of magical attack. Her marriage to King Lynwerd is called off, much to the despair of the king and his people. (LGG p.78,79; The Adventure Begins p.31)
  • Mordenkainen shaves his head. (LGJ #0 p.9)
  • An ancient temple is discovered in the Hellfurnaces near the Sea of Dust. For reasons unknown to outsiders, it triggers a schism within the Scarlet Brotherhood of the Hold of the Sea Princes. (LGG p.102)
  • In summer, internal conflict within the Scarlet Botherhood in the Hold of the Sea Princes escalates into assassinations and a brief armed revolt by the Black Brotherhood. The unusually hot summer and weakening of the leadership results in a slave rebellion, resulting in civil war. The Brotherhood ultimately loses control of the Hold except for Port Toli, the capital of Monmurg, and the islands Flotsom, Jetsom and Fairwind. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.7; The Adventure Begins p.32.63; LGG p.16,98,102; The Duchy of Berghof)
  • Reynard, bandit chief of the Earldom of the Tangles, is captured and executed. (LGG p.30)
  • Chief Strongbow assassinated. (LGG p.38)
  • Loftin Graystand, mayor of Highfolk, resigns. His successor is Tavin Ersteader. (LGG p.53)
  • An ancient temple is discovered in the Hellfurnaces. (LGG p.101)
  • An assassination attempt on the life of Carmen Halmaster, wool merchant and member of the Greyhawk thieves' guild, leaves him with a tremor. (LGJ #2, p.9)
  • A jeweler is killed in the Free City of Greyhawk during a bungled robbery. Bodmi Hollardel is suspected of involvement, and resigns as head of the Jewelers and Gemcutters' Guild. His daughter Gerda Hollardel assumes the role. (LGJ #5 p.4; The Adventure Begins p.64)
  • Stimrin Cannasay becomes Representative of the Union of Merchants and Traders in the Free City of Greyhawk, Laup Cobrun. (The Adventure Begins p.64)
  • Former Greyhawk Thieves' Guild member Carmen Halmaster is poisoned in an assassination attempt. (The Adventure Begins p.115)
  • Marius Lindon elected Freeholder of the Yeomanry League. (LGG p.135)

c. 589 CY

  • The herbalist shop Weaves and Leaves opens in the Duchy of Geoff. (Against the Giants: the Liberation of Geoff p.67)
    • The sole source gives a date of "two years ago, in 591 CY". This is incorrect, as Against the Giants is set in 591 CY. It must either have opened in 591 CY, or two years ago as of 591 CY (i.e. 589 CY).

590 CY

  • In Fireseek, rebels in Onnwal take Sornhill on the Storm Coast. (LGJ #1, p.30)
  • Early this year, Forces from Keoland invade the Hold of Sea Princes and capture Westkeep. (LGG p.101)
  • Forces of the Scarlet Brotherhood in Chiswell defect en masse. Herdsman Krevaradan quells an uprising in Port Toli. (LGJ #2, p.30)
  • Greyhawk Mountaineers attack Cantona, retaliating for a goblin atack on Safeton the previous year. The Mountainers burn much of the town but the orcs manage to hold the town thanks to earthen fortifications. (Slavers p.53; Safeton)
  • Bissel declares the trading town of Pellak its new capital. (LGG p.33)
  • In Growfest, the Congress of Lords of Sunndi meets for the first time. Trade opened with Ahlissa. (LGG p.111; The Adventure Begins p.29)
  • Xavener I re-establishes the Windmarch trade routes. (LGG p.24)
  • A caravel from Rel Astra avoids the blockade of the Tilva Strait by circumnavigating Hepmonaland. The Brotherhood responds by tightening the blockade along the coast. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.7)
  • Sea Barons' fleet returns from expedition across the Solnor. (The Adventure Begins p.29)
  • Military sweep in the Duchy of Urnst drives bandits into the hills around the dwarven hill fortress of Karakest. (The Adventure Begins, Map Book p.3)
  • The archmage Mordenkainen speaks at a conclave in the Free City of Greyhawk. He speculates on the Horned Society, about which little is now known. (LGG p.157)
  • Stalman Klim returns to Earth Dragon's temple. (Slavers, p.120,124)
  • Bone March raided again via the Blemu Hills, but Knurl holds. (LGG p.37)
  • Irongate declares support for the Onnwal freedom movement. (LGG p.58)
  • Rakehell Chert retakes Osprem's Light near Sornhill. (LGJ #15)
  • Sunndi raided by amphibious creatures from the Vast Swamp. (LGG p.111)
  • Marquis Querchard of Sterich disappears in Istivin. He is suspected to have been imprisoned in Krelont Keep. His wife, Marchioness Resbin Drem Emondav, rules in his stead. (LGG p.108)
  • Overking Xavener I expands the borders of the United Kingdom of Ahlissa. (The Adventure Begins p.27)
  • Innspa joins the Unite Kingdom of Ahlissa. Countess Karasin is given the title of Princess. (The Adventure Begins p.27; Piecing Together the Splintered Sun)
  • The administrative capital of the Adri Forest and Grandwood are moved to Innspa and Torrich respectively. Many inhabitants resent their annexation by Ahlissa. (The Adventure Begins p.26)
  • In fall, rumors claim that North Kingdom forces are spotted in the Marchland of Rauxes. (The Adventure Begins p.27)
  • Bigby survives an assassination by agents of Iuz. (Player's Guide p.22)
  • Adventurers appear in Dark Gate in the Yeomanry with weapons made of a mysteriously black metal that disintegrates within days. (LGG p.135)
  • The City of Loftwick in the Yeomanry attacked from the Jotens. It responds by reinforcing its defenses. (LGG p.136)
  • Missing daughter of a Reyhu bandit reports seeing men who walk on air at Lake Aqal. (LGG p.147)
  • A teenage girl goes missing while staying a night in the Whispering Cairn as a test of courage. (Dungeon #124 p.19-20)
  • The Doomgrinder's top sail is observed to have rotated one degree since 584 CY. It is now one degree from vertical, believed to signal Oerth's destruction. (Doomgrinder)
  • Tax census is carried out in of the City of Greyhawk. A similar census has been carried out every five years since at least 575 CY. (The Adventure Begins p.68)
  • Perrenlander Gustin Longpike, owner of the Blue Dragon Inn in the City of Greyhawk, is elected Guildmaster of the Guild of Ostlers and Brewers for the next four years. (The Adventure Begins p.102)
  • Alai Sventis takes over the Chapel of Olidammara in Greyhawk. (The Adventure Begins p.119)
  • A military sweep of the eastern Duchy of Urnst drives bandits into the hills at the dwarven fortress of Karakast.
  • Several miners disappear while looking for burial cairns south of Diamond Lake. (The Adventure Begins, Map Book p.3)
  • The Lendore Isles attack vessels of the Lordship of the Isles. Captain Jezerial Ipahi of the warship Moon's Vigil is responsible for sinking three ships. (LGG p.72; LGJ #3 p.27)
  • Late this year, a longship of Suloise barbarians sailed into Marner in Ratik, hailing from the distant island of Fireland, seeking assistance. (The Adventure Begins p.38)
  • Late this year, an entire company of Rary's best soldiers disappears in a necropolis in the Bright Desert. An enraged Rary single-handedly slays an unrelated blue dragon to feel better about it. (LGG p.38)
  • Late this year, King Lynwerd of Nyrond engages in urgent reforms. He restructures the kingdom's provinces and reduces the size of his court. Throughout the year he focuses on improving the nation's infrastructure. (LGG p.75,79; The Adventure Begins p.31)
  • Late this year, Irongate agrees to recognize Onnwal's government-in-exile in exchange for supplies. (LGG p.80)
  • Late this year, six members of the revolutionary Dunfalcon Alliance are captured in the Free City of Greyhawk. (LGJ #5 p.4)
  • Late this year, the Crimson Cadre adventuring group from Safeton sells an ursinal guardinal to the Free City Arena. (LGJ #5 p.9)

c. 590 CY

  • Gromond's Rope and Leather opens in Geoff. (Against the Giants: the Liberation of Geoff p.68)

591 CY

  • On Needfest 1, Nyrond's new provincial layout comes into effect. (LGG p.75)
  • In Coldeven, the first new Windmarch trade caravan begins. (LGG p.24)
  • Early this year, Kusnir becomes a rallying point for freed Olman and Touv slaves, who follow the Touv leader Utavo the Wise. (The Duchy of Berghof)
  • Early this year, a frigate flying the colors of the Prince of Naerie is spotted docked at Gradsul in Keoland. It is thought to serve as a deterrent to the Scarlet Brotherhood. (LGG p.72)
  • In Growfest, Scarlet Brotherhood forces led by Krevaradan recapture Kusnir. Utavo and some of his forces flee into the mountains and return a month later to recapture Kusnir in a ferocious massacre, tearing Krevaradan limb from limb. (The Duchy of Berghof)
  • The "yellow-sails" of the revived Slavers begin to terrorize the waters of the central Flanaess. (Slavers p.120)
  • A third treasure-hunting boom occurs around the Free City of Greyhawk following discoveries made by soldiers stationed in the Cairn Hills during the Greyhawk Wars. (The Adventure Begins p.8)
  • The Directing Oligarchy of Greyhawk reaches its maximum size of eighteen members. (The Adventure Begins p.62-64)
  • Tyrem appointed the Father of Faith by the Scarlet Brotherhood. (The Scarlet Brotherhood p.18)
  • Vecna escapes his imprisonment in the Demiplane of Dread and plots the destruction of the other gods. (LGG p.186; Die Vecna Die! p.2; Player's Guide p.18,21)
    • Note: The Greyhawk Player's Guide, set in 591 CY, lists Vecna as still imprisoned, while the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, also set in 591 CY, lists him as recently escaped. For this to be accurate, Vecna must have escaped in exactly 591 CY.
  • The xvart slave Xiq-Xiq is murdered by adventurers in the Blue Dragon Inn in Greyhawk. No arrests are made. (LGJ #4 p.29)
  • In spring, a mysterious magical helix appears over the ruins of Molag. (LGJ #0 p.12)
  • In spring, adventurers report capturing a tiger-striped basilisk. The party leader, Sir Ignatius Nobnose, attempts to sell it to the Tiger Nomads. (LGJ #0 p.12)
  • In spring, Onnwal rebels invade the manor of Count Cadwale, taking advantage of a storm to mask their approach. (LGJ #0 p.12)
  • In spring, Touv rebel slave leader Utavo the Wise is found to have taken control of the southern Duchy of Berghof. (LGJ #0 p.12)
  • In spring, Jacob Hangerstand produces a masterwork treasure chest depicting the elven deity Corellon Larethian. (LGJ #0 p.12)
  • In spring, small golden dragon statuettes appear on the market in Innspa, likely looted from ruined temples to a forgotten dragon-worship cult. (LGJ #3 p.26)
  • In spring, bandits in the Midlands loot a well-defended silver caravan headed for Dorakaa. (LGJ #3 p.26)
  • In spring, Bissel appoints the Knights of the Watch to enforce collection of a new and unpopular tax on international trade. Bissel begins a new program of homesteading to redevelop the northern baronies, but Baklunish citizens accuse the government of discriminatory practices, with some Baklunish farmers driven from their land by the homesteaders. (LGJ #3 p.26; LGJ #4 p.28)
  • In spring, several ships are attacked by sea monsters when sailing near the Bright Desert. Rary the Traitor and his powerful druid ally are suspected to be responsible. (LGJ #3 p.26)
  • In spring, a council is convened in Furyondy to seek a solution to the plague in the March, Littleberg, and Gold County. Orcs and bandits attack grain shipments on the Royal Highway. The plague slows by late spring. (LGJ #3 p.27; LGJ #4 p.28)
  • In spring, Grand Duke Owen is invited to retake his ancestral seat on Keoland's Court of the Land, but he appears to decline. He announces his intent to return to Hochoch in Geoff and retake the kingdom, but is plagued by fever since he was poisoned during the Fall of Gorna. He is found to be in contact with the fey Queen Lhiannon. Field Marshal Helanasdotter of Gran March amasses troops and supplies for the liberation of Geoff. (LGJ #3 p.27; LGJ #4 p.29)
  • In spring, the Directing Oligarchy of Greyhawk discovers a mysterious nepheline stone monolith near Shack Town. The druid Thurgis Falden declares it a profane relic of the Ur-Flan necromancers. (LGJ #3 p.27)
  • The Lordship of the Isles capture the warship Moon's Vigil, taking twelve elves captive. The ship had sunk three Lordship vessels the previous year. (LGJ #3 p.28)
  • The siege at Rinloru continues. The undead army grows, now including at least a dozen acidic skeleton golems. (LGJ #3 p.28)
  • Tensions grow in North Kingdom when Patriarch Halldrem of Hextor speaks some ill-chosen words regarding the realm's orcish armies. A band of orcs attempts to murder him, but he defends himself with a blade barrier spell, resulting in the deaths of four dozen market patrons. (LGJ #3 p.28)
  • Nyrond offers a reward of 1,000 gp for the capture of the bandit Crippled Max. (LGJ #3 p.28)
  • The Bishop of Hatherleigh falls to his death from a balcony, the third mysterious death in the Theocracy of the Pale this year. Attempts to raise them from the dead failed. (LGJ #3 p.29)
  • Concern grows in Ratik as the Suloise barbarian tribes begin skirmishing with each other, threatening the recently negotiated peace. Timber supply plummets, and Archbaroness Evaleigh is criticized for failing to take action. (LGJ #3 p.29; LGJ #4 p.30)
  • On Coldeven 15th, Yeomanry holds public elections. (LGJ #3 p.31)
  • On Growfest 1, Herdsman Krevaradan's clerics summon six gelugons to fight the slave uprising in the Hold of the Sea Princes after being denied reinforcements from his ally Herdsmistress Maleshev on Coldeven 4th. Utavo's forces flee and hundreds of slaves are recaptured. (LGJ #3 p.30)
  • In spring, humanoids attack the Shield Lands, raising concerns of a concerted attack by Iuz. In Critwall, there are rumours of treason amnong the nobles. Food shortages lead to rising food prices. Thre is talk of the Shield Lands going on the offensive against Iuz. (LGJ #3 p.30; LGJ #4 p.30)
  • Lindus Mallaman, cleric of Heironeous in Sterich, is found dead and his body hanged from statue of the Valorous Knight in Istivin. The statue bleeds from its wrists for three days. (LGJ #3 p.30)
  • A prophet of Erythnul leads mobs who kills dozens in Vleekstaad. Rhelt Sevvord ends the three-day killing spree by personally killing the prophet with a waraxe. (LGJ #3 p.30)
  • Emissaries go missing in the County of Ulek en route for Celene. The priceless elven Starlight Loom goes missing. (LGJ #3 p.30)
  • Thieves raid the vault of Rudd Rockcutter in the Principality of Ulek. Orcish graverobbers are suspected. The orcs are also believed to have enslaved a large number of humans. (LGJ #3 p.31; LGJ #4 p.31)
  • Agents of Iuz capture Molosh Khan, fifth son of Tarkhan Bargru of the Wolf Nomads, demanding a large ransom. Bargru sends the payment along with the severed head of Iuz's emissary. Iuz returns Bargru's son as an armless reanimated corpse. (LGJ #3 p.31)
  • A major battle takes place in the Adri Forest. (LGJ #4 p.28)
  • Piracy and smuggling boom on the Fals River. (LGJ #4 p.28)
  • Attacks by humanoids increase in the Gnarley Forest, now joined by undead. (LGJ #4 p.28)
  • A rumor holds that the Cup and Talisman of Ak'Akbar are spotted in Glendaloch's Moors, resulting in a sudden wave of pilgrimages to the area. (LGJ #4 p.28)
  • In Growfest, King Lynwerd I of Nyrond hosts a Grand Celebration at Rel Mord celebrating the the fifth year of his reign. (LGJ #0 p.12; LGJ #3 p.28)
  • Two fiends appear inthe Temple District of Highfolk. (LGJ #4 p.29)
  • King Skotti of Keoland controversially offers amnesty for former agents of the Scarlet Brotherhood. (LGJ #4 p.29)
  • Celebrations in Ket are held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the defeat of Iggwilv. (LGJ #4 p.29)
  • Celebrations are held in Nyrond to commemorate the founding of Adrean's Landing. (LGJ #4 p.29)
  • The caravel Sapphire Stare runs the Scarlet Brotherhood blockade of the Sea of Gearnat and returns from the City of Greyhawk. (LGJ #4 p.30)
  • Trade caravans have difficulty reaching villages in the Pale due to raids by orcs and trolls. (LGJ #4 p.30)
  • On Planting 6th, a military report reveals that conflict is brewing on the southern border of the Yeomanry. Crops are failing, refugees are increasing, and undermanned Yeomanry Border Guard has difficulty tracking down a well-equipped group of mysterious raiders. (LGJ #4 p.31)
  • In early Planting, Elder Sister Edevedrin of the Scarlet Brotherhood arrives to congratulate Herdsman Krevaradan for his capture of the town of Kusnir. The next night, 55 Olman prisoners disembowel themselves in a grim ritual which conjures nagaul demons. Utavo the Wise, wielding an ancient jeweled gauntlet, commands the demons to eviscerate the Scarlet Brotherhood guards. (LGJ #4 p.30)
  • Lord Artin of Brotton is killed by bandits while hunting near Radigast City, and is succeeded by his brother Erthan. Mayor Nimar of Dosselford is rescued by adventurers while exploring the the Crystal Springs in the County of Urnst, and not for the first time. (LGJ #4 p.31)
  • Two of the three leaders of the Skeptic movement in the Duchy of Urnst are killed in [[Nellix]. (LGJ #4 p.31)
  • In Patchwall, Tobin Potriades, Senior Tutor at the University of Magical Arts in Greyhawk, dies in his sleep. He is succeeded by Abrazaldin Hosk. (LGJ #5 p.6)
  • The sword Druniazth resurfaces in Dyvers in the hands of an assassin, Kerrab. Subsequently, a guardsman corrupted by the sword (Nizar Drav'va) absconded with it and it hasn't been seen since. (Dragon #294 p.96)
  • The Gran March begins building a road through the Dim Forest.Template:Cn
  • The bard Finnadrel of Delaric defrauds investors in his theatrical production. (Places of Mystery I)
  • Giants against begin attacking Geoff from the Crystalmists and Barrier Peaks (the events of Against the Giants: The Liberation of Geoff)Template:Cn
  • Theocrat Ogon Tillit] is not expected to survive past Richfest due to wounds sustained several years ago. (LGG p.82)
  • Forces of Rel Astra have captured a quarter of the former See of Medegia. (LGG p.94)
  • Ships of the Lordship of the Isles visit Gryrax, capital of the Principality of Ulek, establishing trade. (LGG p.121)

c. 591 CY

592 CY

593 CY

594 CY

c. 594 CY

595 CY

596 CY

597 CY

  • Riggby the Patriarch dies in Verbobonc. His body is returned to the Free City of Greyhawk for his funeral. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.4)
  • Iuz attempts to invade the Free City, via the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.4)
  • Unbeknownst to most, Lord Robilar is returned to Oerth after an absence of 15 years. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p.188,189)
  • The Baklunish god Zuoken is released by adventurers, after being missing since 505 CY. (Events of Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk)
  • The Free City of Greyhawk cedes the Cairn Hills back to the Duchy of Urnst (nullifying the Cairn Hills Treaty), allowing Greyhawk to move troops stationed there into the Wild Coast and Woolly Bay to counter the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj. (The Griffon's Nest)
  • The buffer zone between the Domain of Greyhawk and Pomarj experiences a quiet period, with no raids for several months. (The Griffon's Nest)
  • A damaged Fruztii ship sails into Ountsey, reporting the dead rising from the waves south of Atirr. (The Isle of Lost Souls)

598 CY

600 CY

Future events (c.600 CY onward)

Events which take place after 600 CY, either through prophecy or events yet to happen from the perspective of the current era. Magic declines in Oerth. The Free City of Greyhawk expands into a technologically advanced metropolis. The Age of Worms is prophecied to erase all life but the worms which gnaw on corpses of the dead.

644 CY

  • The dwarf hero Borgazdin Broadhammer begins a reunification of scattered dwarven houses that will become known as the Dwarven Resurgence. Under his guidance, the dwarves make the first technological breakthroughs that lead to the Age of Industry. (Dragon #277)

c. 963 CY

  • Pluffet Smedger the Elder examines a centuries-old copy of volume 3 of Catalogue of the Land Flanaess, being the Eastern Part of the Continent of Oerik, of Oerth, by the Savant-Sage of Greyhawk. This volume, entitled A Guide to the World of Greyhawk, is discovered in the library of the Royal University of Rel Mord. Smedger is impressed by the Guide's freshness and thoroughness. (Glossography p.2)
  • In this era, magic is not a lost art, but apparently a fading one. The Epoch of Magic is coming to an end. (Glossography p.2)

998 CY

1605 CY

1917 CY

  • The dwarven Citicar is introduced, becoming the bestselling automobile on Oerth that year and every subsequent year. (Dragon #277)

1932 CY

1946 CY

  • The dimensional accelerator rifle is manufactured throughout the human lands of the New Flanaess. (Dragon #277)

1969 CY

1970 CY

1975 CY

1998 CY

  • A mishap with a dimensional accelerator chute results in a crash, killing 20 of the 115 people aboard. (Dragon #277)

2000 CY

  • In the New City of Greyhawk, the necromancer Fergus Tain transforms scientist Gerhardt Kurmi into a genetically modified gibbering mouther. (Dungeon #83, "Alterations")

Unknown future