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The current campaign year is CY621. The Bone March was overrun by humanoid invaders in CY 563 and over the decades since various attempts to retake the lands by adventurers and other nations have repeatedly failed. Undaunted by the challenge of operating in such a dangers area a hardy group of new adventurers is attempting to free the Marches. Their tireless efforts are part of a long running insurgency campaign sponsored by Nyrond and Furdony to contain, and where the opportunity presents itself, push back the Great Kingdom (and its remnants) to the old borders.

Their chronicles and details about the environment are captured in the following series of articles as they take part in the ( Ivae Orr Campaign DM's only spoiler alert) set in the World of Greyhawk. Over the past thirty years a few co-DM's and some great players have contributed their time and energy to create the backstory that continues to shape todays adventures.

Prior Campaign Series & Story Arcs
Greyhawk Common Year (CY) Story Arc Dungeon Masters Gregorian Year
CY 621 - Present Ivae Orr Smith 2022
CY 620 - 621 Vellors Prison Smith 2021-2022
CY 619 - 620 Darzog Hold Smith 2021
CY 619 Knurl Run Smith 2020-2021
CY 576 - 616 One Shots Smith 2004-2020
CY 615 - 616 Tri-World's Ashbaker, Glasgow, Smith 1997-2004
CY 610 - 615 Wildlands Loftis, Smith 1992-1996
CY 576 - 610 Homeworld Miller, Smith, Strauss 1984-1988
CY 576 Lendore Isle Deterding 1984

Current campaign

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